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Marvel Hall of Fame Series 2 - 1996

The second Hall of Fame series is the first of a few 'She-Force' sub lines that gave us a few new characters as well as a few repaints of older characters. In addition to the Black Queen and Ms. Marvel, we got a Jean Grey in her somewhat normal outfit.

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Black Queen

The Black Queen is a simple repaint of a White Queen figure to create another old X-Man villain. Since in the comics the Black Queen wore basically the same outfit as the White Queen, only black, this was a logical choice for a repaint. The figure is well done like the White Queen figure was.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: Psychic spear

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Jean Grey

This is a repaint of a Domino figure of a Jean Grey that is close to how she looked in the comics. The only thing is she never had all those belts and cables on her. Still, it is one of the better Jean Grey figures that were made of her in this outfit. The yellow used on the costume seems a little too bright though, as I thought it was more of an orange in the comics.

Figure ability: Missile launching guns
Accessories: Gun pieces x2, Missles x2

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Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel was repainted from a Medusa figure in the Fantastic Four line. The figure is very well done and is a great likeness of her and adds to the Avengers numbers. This is her outfit around the time Rouge stole all her powers in Avengers Annual #10. A great addition to the line.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: Launchpad

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Basically the same figure that was released in Iron Man series 2 only black instead of dark blue.

Figure ability: Web throwing action
Accessories: Psionic web

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Just about the same as the one in X-Men series 1 but with a yellow stripe down the front of her shirt where the original was all black. This Storm also has 2 'X' symbols at the top of her costume like the Classics Repaint did.

Figure ability: Light up chest
Accessories: Lightning Bolt

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