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Marvel Super Heroes Series 3 - 1991

The 3rd series of Marvel Superheroes would include alot of Fantastic Four characters as well as some more Spider-men. The figures were getting much better looking by the third line and the characters were looking better and better. This would technically be the last line of new figures in the superheroes line, as the following lines would have mostly all repaints in them.

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Like other winged figures, Annihilus can move his wings using a lever in the back of the figure. This figure had the same build as most of the other figures in the series and would not be redone until later on.

Figure ability: Animated wing thrust
Accessories: None

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Deathlok is a classic Marvel character who got his first figure in this series. He is unique in that he has one of the best sculpts in the line and he is also the only character not to get redone in any other line until many years after Toybiz moved on to the 6 inch scale. It's possibly because he didn't fit into many other lines very well.

Figure ability: Hidden cyber strength
Accessories: None

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Human Torch

The Human Torch also has one of the better sculpts in the series. It's tough to sculpt a figure that looks like he's on fire and still have some articulation, but this one does a decent job. He comes with some fireballs that he can throw.

Figure ability: Fireball flinging action
Accessories: Fireball x3

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Invisible Woman

This Invisible woman has a feature that no other figure of her would have, and that's that she can change color when heated or cooled. This is a neat feature that does relate somewhat to her powers.

Figure ability: Color changing action
Accessories: Disc

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Mr. Fantastic

Mr. Fantastic would be very articulated because he would be made from a softer plastic that allowed him to stretch in various ways.

Figure ability: 5 way strech
Accessories: Gun

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Silver Surfer II

This Silver Surfer is the same as the first one, but shiny instead of a dull gray. This is very close to how many Silver Surfer figures were painted a few years later.

Figure ability: Speed surfing
Accessories: Surf board

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Spider-Man IV

This is probably the best Spider-Man that had been released at the time. He is very poseable and has alot of joints in him. This feature would be reused in several other Spider-Man figures that would be made later on.

Figure ability: Multi-jointed action
Accessories: None

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The first Thing figure is pretty well done. He is bulkier than most of the other figures and his rocky features do show pretty well. He can punch by twisting his waist, similar to many other Marvel figures. The punching action would return with Thing's second figure.

Figure ability: Pulverizing punch
Accessories: Yancy St. sign x2

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This Venom is also very well done. He is a large improvement over the first Venom and looks much taller and less bulky than the first one. Venom also features a lever on his back that flicks his tongue out of his mouth which is a neat feature. The figure itself is far less deformed than most Venom figures and seems to be modeled after his early appearances in the comics where he resemembled a bulky black costume Spidey with a mouth.

Figure ability: Flicking tounge
Accessories: Symbiote Chest plate

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