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Marvel Super Heroes Series 2 - 1990

This series was released just before the first X-Men series was, which may be why there are no X-Men in this line. Like the previous series, there would be a wide variety of classic heroes and villains. It would be several years before most of these figures would get updated.

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Green Goblin

Green Goblin has a very goofy look on his face. Still, it would be awhile until he would get a new figure. The pumpkin bomb throwing action is pretty cool though. He would have a variant in that the switch on the back would be longer on some releases.

Figure ability: Pumpkin bomb throwing
Accessories: Pumpkin bomb, Glider

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Iron Man

This figure is modeled after Iron-Man's then-recent armor and one of the only figures modeled after this particular armor. This Iron Man is very close to how future Iron Man figures would be handled. He comes with detachable armor pieces as well as a removable helmet. One of the better figures in the line.

Figure ability: Quick change armor
Accessories: Arm armor x2, Boots x2, Helmet, Chest armor

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Punisher II

This Punisher is an improvement over the previous release. He looks a little tougher than the first one did. He does come with the same accessories though.

Figure ability: Machine gun sounds
Accessories: None

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Spider-Man II

This looks like a slight retooling of the original Spider-man to change one of the arms so it could fire the web.

Figure ability: Web shooting
Accessories: None

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Spider-Man III

This is the same as the first Spider-man figure, but with suction cups on his hands.

Figure ability: Web climbing
Accessories: None

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Thor would not see a new figure for quite awhile. Still, it's a decent figure. He looks like he is missing something, most notably is his cape. The figure would have a slight variant, in that the switch in the back was longer on some releases.

Figure ability: Smnashing hammer action
Accessories: Lightning bolt, Mjolnir hammer

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This Venom was a bit bulky and his legs didn't look like they fit right. Venom would get a new figure again in the next series.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: None

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