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Marvel Super Heroes Series 1 - 1990

This is the first series of figures that ToyBiz produced in 1990. It included many heroes and villains from many different comics to provide a great selection of characters, all modeled after their classic appearances. The figures' design and boxart suggest they are based on Marvel artwork from the early-to-mid 80s. Most of the figures were pretty small by later standards, but it was a good place to start. All the characters in this series would get redone somewhere along the line, but for some it might be awhile.

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Captain America

A very skinny version of a Captain America, but he is pretty well done. The scales on his chest are there and he does have alot of detail. He came with a launcher that would actually launch his shield.

Figure ability: Shield launcher
Accessories: None

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The first Daredevil would be sculpted alot like the Captain America was. Both have a very similar size and pose. He comes with a grappling hook and rope that can fire to simulate and extending billy club.

Figure ability: Extending billy club
Accessories: None

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Dr. Doom

Dr. Doom comes with a feature that several figures after him would use. You can wind up his hand then release with the button on his shoulder to have his hand spin around. By putting a weapon in his hand, the weapon will spin. The detail on the face of this figure is pretty good. He also comes with a cloth cape, which no other Doom figure would have.

Figure ability: Power driven weapons
Accessories: Cape, Spinning blade, Drill

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Dr. Octopus

This Dr. Octopus would have suction cups and weapons attached to his tentacles. The tentacles themselves could move some, but were not super articulated. The figure is modeled after his classic look he had for awhile and famously wore during the Secret Wars and it would not be until many years later in the Marvel Legends series he would get a new figure modeled in this particular costume.

Figure ability: Suction cup grasping tenticles
Accessories: None

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This Hulk would be the only Hulk released until the Hulk figure line started up. He's pretty small by later standards, but at the time he was one of the bulkier figures. His arms could grab people by using a switch in the back of the figure. The figure is based off the character's classic design from the comics, which was discarded at the time in favor of the Grey Hulk.

Figure ability: Crsuhing Arm
Accessories: Pipe, Rock

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I'm not sure why the Punisher is smiling, but he is. This figure has a similar sculpt to the Captain America and Daredevil figures. He also comes with the most accessories in the line.

Figure ability: Cap firing weapons
Accessories: Rifle, Machine gun, Assault rifle, Handgun

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Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer is another figure that's based off of the same mold. The only difference is is that this figure is all one color.

Figure ability: Action surfboard
Accessories: Surf Board

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The first Spider-man was not one of the best ones in the line. The figure is based off of the same mold the other heroes were, but this one seems to look worse than they do.

Figure ability: Web suction hands
Accessories: None

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