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Silver Surfer Alien Fighters - 1998

This lineup of figures is a decent assortment of figures, although there are half several Silver Surfer figures and a few new characters. The figures all come with a smaller sidekick figures.

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Cosmic Silver Surfer

Yet another Silver Surfer variant, but this one comes with Pip, one of the Infinity watch. It's almost worth getting the figure just to get Pip. The Silver Surfer has a blue shine to it and is actually pretty cool looking.

Figure ability: Missle firing weapon
Accessories: Pip figure, Gun, Projectile

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Galactus gets a smaller version of a figure in this line, even though he was usually much bigger than everyone else in the comics. He is a great choice for a figure, esp. in this line as he created the Silver Surfer and many other characters in both the Silver Surfer toyline and the Fantastic Four toyline. He even comes with a tiny Silver Surfer in a sphere that he can hold in his hands. The figure is very well articulated and very detailed.

Figure ability: Little Silver Surfer
Accessories: Little Silver Surfer in a ball

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Ivar and Ant Warrior

Ivar is one of the more strange looking figures produced. He is decently articulated, but not all that well detailed. The figure comes with a small ant warrior and a large gun that the ant warrior can hold.

Figure ability: Missle firing weapon
Accessories: Ant warrior, Gun, Projectile

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Pip is another one of those small figures that come with a larger figure. Pip is decently articulated and detailed for being a small sidekick figure. He can hold the large gun that comes with him and Silver Surfer.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: None

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Solar Silver Surfer

Another Silver Surfer variant, this one has a gold shine with red hands. He also comes with a small Draconian figure and is about the same as most other Silver Surfer figures in terms of detail and articulation.

Figure ability: Missle firing weapon
Accessories: Draconian Warrior, Gun, Projectile

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