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X-Men Classics - 1995

This is another repaint series. This series basically is all older figures packaged with a bunch of Accessories from other figures. It's good for the average collector for these re-release series so they can get figure they might have missed.

Beast (rerelease)

Beast from the 4th series returns with new accessories borrowed from other figures, which include Apocalypse's first series staff and a gun, plus his chain from his original release.

Figure ability: Flipping mutant power
Accessories: Chain, Missle, Staff, Gun

Cyclops (rerelease)

This figure is the same as the series 3 Cyclops, with the inclusion of Comcast's hover platform.

Figure ability: Light up visor
Accessories: Hover platform

Gambit (rerelease)

This figure is the same as the series 2 Gambit, but includes Longshot's belt and Gideon's briefcase.

Figure ability: Kicking action
Accessories: Staff, Coat, Belt, Knives x2

Magneto II (rerelease)

The second series Magneto is released for the third time only with more accessories like Ahab's harpoon gun.

Figure ability: Sparking action
Accessories: Harpoon Gun, Harpoons x3, Cape

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Another repaint of the first series Storm, only all white this time.

Figure ability: Light up lightning bolt on her chest
Accessories: Lightning Bolt x2

Wolverine II (rerelease)

The figure of the original costume is released again, only with the sword from the first series Wolverine.

Figure ability: Pop out claws, twisting slash action
Accessories: Gun, Claw, Samurai Sword

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