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Silver Surfer Series 1 - 1997

The first series of Silver Surfer figures seems to have been aimed more at collectors than anyone else, despite the fact the toyline was launched to coinside the Silver Surfer cartoon that FOXkids was airing at the time. It is all to the 6-inch scale, and all the figures are very detailed and very well articulated for the time. The line only consisted of four figures and most of them are new characters who had not seen a figure yet.

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Beta Ray Bill

Beta Ray Bill is one of the bigger figures produced in any of the Marvel lines. He is very detailed and decently articulated. The articulation in the legs is a little odd as it is tough to get them in the right spot. But, that's mostly due to his pose and bent knees. His cape is removable and it is sometime tough to get it to stay attached to the figure. The Stormbreaker hammer he comes with is a nice shiny gold, as are some of the paint applications on the figure. This would be one of the more detailed figures.

Figure ability: Storm breaker hammer
Accessories: Stormbreaker hammer, Cape

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Meegan Alien

This Meegan aliens were characters from the comics who occasionally fought the Silver Surfer. The figure is very tall like all the others in the series and is also very well detailed. The figure has decent articulation as well. It's just one of the weirder looking figures and comes with some sort of harness that attaches to its head and arms.

Figure ability: Earth tremor destructor
Accessories: None

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Nova is an interesting figure to say the least. Her figure is mostly a real shiny gold a lot like the Silver Surfer figures are. She's also very articulated, including her hair, which can be moved about in a variety of ways and can attach to a small base so only her hair will support her. She is to the 6-inch scale, so she's a lot taller than everyone else, and her hair sticks up quite a bit to make her look really tall.

Figure ability: Articulated flame hair
Accessories: Hair base

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Silver Surfer

This Silver Surfer figure is one of the more detailed ones released. The only downside is that he is to the bigger 6-inch scale, which means he does not fit in with the other Marvel figures real well. He is very articulated though and is extremely well done. He is not as shiny as other Silver Surfer figures, but still looks good. He would fit in with the Marvel Legends line very well.

Figure ability: Cosmic powered surf board
Accessories: Surf board

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