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Incredible Hulk Transformations - 1997

This series would be aimed more at the collectors and would contain many characters that were only in the comics. All the figures in this series were to the 6 inch scale and were very detailed figures. The Hulks fit better with the 5 inch scale though, since Hulk is meant to be larger than everyone else. The Absorbing Man fits well with both older 5 inch Marvel figures aswell as Marvel Legends since his size sometimes varies in the comics.

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Absorbing Man

Absorbing Man is a very detailed figure. His skin changes from skin to a rocky surface to riveted metal on his leg. The textures of each part are very detailed. The coloring on the figure is also very well done. Articulation-wise, he has ball-jointed arms which gives him more poseability. There is a lever on his back to make his arms move up and down. He is a bit big for the 5 inch scale, but fits in perfectly with Marvel Legends and other figures in the 6 inch scale.

Figure ability: Breakaway safe
Accessories: Ball and chain, Safe

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Hulk 2099

Hulk 2099 is a strange figure of the version of Hulk from the year 2099. He's not the same Hulk, and he is much more mutated than the original. The figure has real hair on his back, which makes him very cool looking. The figure has good articulation and is very detailed. This is a pretty cool figure.

Figure ability: Chainsaw and gattling gun
Accessories: Chainsaw, Gun

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This Hulk is a good version of the future Hulk that had killed all the other heroes on earth. The figure itself is very detailed and fairly articulated, but the accessories he comes with is what makes him cool. He is wearing Dr. Strange's cape and has a belt with Ultron's, Iron Man's, Nova's, Dr. Doom's and Juggernaut's helmets attached to it. He has Wolverine's skeleton on one hand and Thor's hammer and Captain America's broken shield on the other. A very cool figure.

Figure ability: Fallen hero armor
Accessories: Fallen hero armor, Shield and hammer, Wolverine skeleton

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Smart Hulk

Smart Hulk is one of the best Hulk figures that were made. He is bigger than most figures like Hulk should be and is very detailed. This Hulk is molded after the Hulk when he has all his personalities merged. The figure is pretty articulated as well. Since he is smarter than the normal Hulk, his clothes are not all destroyed.

Figure ability: Gamma blaster power pack
Accessories: Shoulder pads, Large gun, Projectile

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