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Incredible Hulk Smash and Crash - 1997

The second of the Hulk lines would be to the 5" scale and many of the characters taken right out of the animated series. The figures in this series are really well done and look alot like their animated counterparts. The only down side is that some of the Hulks could be a little bigger since he was bigger than everyone else in the comics.

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Battle Damaged Hulk

This Hulk figure looked somewhat angrier than the normal Hulk figures. He is short like the other Hulk in this series and is very similar to him. He is wearing part of a ripped up shirt and blue pants though. The figure is very well done like the other Hulk. What is interesting is that the figure in the group shot is a different Hulk figure than what was released, which would later be released as 'Steel Body Trap Hulk' in the playsets line.

Figure ability: Breakaway lab
Accessories: Breakout containment unit, Arm restraints x2, Base supports x2

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Doc Samson

Doc Samson is one of Hulk's allies and a good figure choice. His figure is modeled after how the character looked on the animated series that was running at the time with longer sleeves and lighter hair than he is usually portrayed with in the comics. He is decently articulated with ball joints on his arms and is fairly detailed. The coloring used on the figure is also pretty good. He looks a bit small standing next to other figures in the same scale though, as he was somewhat of a big guy in comics.

Figure ability: Omega blaster
Accessories: Large gun

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Incredible Hulk

This Incredible Hulk figure is actually one of the best looking ones that was made. The only downfall is that he is to a bit smaller scale and is about as tall as most other figures. Hulk was supposed to be bigger than everyone else, so he just looks short. Still, the figure is very well done and very details. His one leg is spring loaded though, so it's not very poseable.

Figure ability: Breakout containment unit
Accessories: Breakout containment unit

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This is the second Leader figure in the Hulk series and is the smaller of the two. This one is about the right size in comparison to the other figures in the Marvel figure line. He is very well done, but his head is clear with some red liquid inside. The original head in the prototype pictures, like the first Leader figure. The figure is very detailed and articulated decently for the times.

Figure ability: Evil robot drone
Accessories: Robot drone

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Zzzax is an odd figure in that he is supposed to be comprised of pure electricity. The figure is pretty well done in that he looks like he is made of electricity. The figure is fairly detailed and does have decent articulation. He has a wind up switch on his back that makes him vibrate when he is wound up. He also comes with a large electric trap.

Figure ability: Electric trap
Accessories: Large trap

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