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Incredible Hulk Series 1 - 1996

The first of the Hulk lines would be to a larger scale and would include mostly Hulks of some sort and a few classic villains. The figures in this line were very well done and most actually fit in with the rest of the Marvel figures being produced at the time despite their larger scale since all but Leader were drawn bigger than everyone else in the comics. Leader actually fits better with the later Marvel Legends figures since he was average sized in the comics.

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Abomination is a great choice for a villain figure in the first series of Hulk figures. He is rather large, just like the Hulk and is also a very detailed figure. He has decent articulation as well. He's packaged with a removable cape which he would occasionally wear in the comics. This figure's painjob is suppose to emulate the way Abomination looked when the Hulk threw toxic waste in his face in Incredible Hulk #364.

Figure ability: Toxic blasters
Accessories: Cape, Toxic blaster

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This is the same Abomination only with purple shorts more like his classic look.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: Toxic blaster, Cape

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Bruce Banner

Bruce Banner is actually just an accessory to the Savage Hulk figure. He is actually very articulated for an accessory. He is a bit smaller than most other figures, which makes him a bit out of scale. But, he has to be small to fit inside the Hulk.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: None

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Grey Hulk (Mr. Fixit)

Mr. Fixit was another good figure choice. There would only be a few Grey Hulk figures made, and this was the first one. The figure is very detailed, just like all the other figures in the series. He comes in a shot up suit, which was like he was in the comics usually. He has standard articulation as well. He even comes with a hat, though there are two versions of the hat, one being a top hat, the other being a fidora. A new Mr. Fixit would be released years later in the Incredible Hulk Classics series.

Figure ability: Battle damage
Accessories: Hat, Grenade, Tommy gun, Tophat

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The Leader is a very good figure in the Hulk series. I wish he wasn't as tall as he is though, since he wasn't that much bigger than a normal figure. But, the figure is very detailed and very well done. The articulation is decent, but not super great. The armor he comes with snaps on around his body.

Figure ability: Anti-Hulk armor
Accessories: Attack armor

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Rampaging Hulk

Rampaging Hulk is one of two green Hulk figures in this first line. He is very big to say the least. His head does look a little small since his body is so big. His arms can move up and down via a lever on his back. If you pull on the lever, the arms flex forward, which is kind of a neat feature. He comes with a brick wall that he can smash down. This is one of the better Hulk figures made, as he is bigger than most other figures.

Figure ability: Rampaging action
Accessories: Brick wall

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Savage Hulk

Savage Hulk has an interesting figure ability. He comes with a small Bruce Banner figure that can actually fit inside him to 'transform' into the Hulk. The Hulk figure is not very articulated because of this, as he can only move his arms. The body is made of a soft plastic so that Bruce can fit inside. The Hulk is very detailed though, although he does have an odd look on his face. The Hulk is bigger than most everyone else though, which also makes this a good figure.

Figure ability: Bruce Banner figure
Accessories: Bruce Banner figure

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She Hulk

She-Hulk is a very well done figure, just like most all the other ones in this series. She stands a bit taller than most other figures, but it doesn't look bad. She is fairly detailed and uses ball joints in her arms to add to articulation. She comes with a large crossbow.

Figure ability: Crossbow
Accessories: Crossbow, Projectiles

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