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Avengers Series 2 - 1997

The second series of Avengers would give us a whole new lineup of Avengers to add to the collection. It featured another great lineup of characters, some who had not had figures before.

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This is a more current version of Falcon than the one that was released in the Marvel Gold series. The figure is very well done and looks exactly like his animated counterpart.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: Missile x2, Redwing falcon

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Hawkeye's second figure is a more modern look like almost all the figures in the Avengers toyline. His arms are positioned in such a way to where he can hold his bow in a position that he appears to be about to fire it. Like the others, he is very detailed and very poseable. His legs look like they are a bit too long though.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: Bow, Arrow, Arrow, Arrow, Arrow, Claw arrow, Glove arrow

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Kang's first figure by Toybiz would be a lot more modern like he appeared in the animated series, instead of the classic version of Kang a lot of collectors wanted. Still, this figure is very well done and very well detailed. He doesn't have as many points of articulation as a lot of the other Avengers figures have though. He too features light up action when the square on his chest is pressed. The difference with his light up action is that you must put the energy sphere in his hand to get it to light up. Interestingly, you can open the energy sphere to see a very small Wasp inside.

Figure ability: Light up energy sphere
Accessories: Swords x2, Energy sphere

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This Tigra figure's look was more modern than the Hall of Fame one produced. She is very detailed with all of the fur decently sculped and features good articulation. She is also very thin like she is usually drawn in the comics. Her tail is also somewhat poseable.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: None

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Wonderman has one of the better sculpts in the series. He isn't as detailed, but is just very well done. Like the others he has great articulation, although a punching mechanism makes his arms not as poseable. He too features light up action when his belt is pressed, which lights up his head and fists. He also comes with a human sized Avengers ring, which is a nice touch.

Figure ability: Light up action
Accessories: Ring

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