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Avengers Series 1 - 1997

This Avengers series is based off the animated series and alot of the characters have a little bit different look to them. The figures are very well done though and look identical to their animated counterparts. test

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This Antman would be the only full size version of a figure he would have. His helmet is removable and he comes with a very tiny version of himself that is actually pretty detailed and articulated for how small it is. The small version can fit inside the tiny ship that he comes with. The ship itself can attach to a hole on the bigger Antman figure's back. The larger Antman figure is very articulated by the use of ball joints in his arms and legs and is detailed just like all the other figures in this series. He can also grow by extending his legs, torso, and arms out.

Figure ability: Small AntMan and growing action
Accessories: Helmet, Tiny Antman figure, Tiny ship

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Captain America

This Captain America is a remold of the one released in Spider-man Electro Spark series, but with a different head and an Avengers symbol on his belt. This figure also comes with a great shield, much better than the Spider-man release did. This figure would be one of the tougher ones to find in the series.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: Shield

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Ultron is a great figure choice for this line. The sculpt, paint, detail, and even articulation on this figure are amazing. The figure is very close to the 6 incn scale but he doesn't look too out of place since his height varied in the comics. On his knees, there is a kneecap that hides the joint but still makes is look very good. He also comes with a large blaster that attaches to his arm, which lights up when a button on his waist is pressed.

Figure ability: Light up action
Accessories: Light up arm cannon

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This Vision is a lot more robotic looking than the Marvel Gold version of Vision, and is much more detailed. His torso and parts of his head are clear plastic and will light up when a button is pressed. He also comes with a cloth like cape, which is a nice feature. Like most all the other Avengers figures, he is very poseable. He comes with a large weapon thing that can plug into his side. In order to plug him in though, he has a large hole in his side that almost looks like he is broken.

Figure ability: Light up action
Accessories: Weapon base

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This Wasp is a much more human version than the one released in the Spider-man Spider Force series. She comes with articulated wings and two blasters that attach to her back that are also poseable. Her head is interchangable with a more insect head as well. She is a very thin figure, but since that's how she was in the comic and animated series, it looks good.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: Insect head, Missiles x2, Robot

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