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Avengers Reborn - 1996

This series was a bit different than the other Avengers line as it is to the 6' scale. But it does include some figures who had not gotten figures in a long time or at all. This series was labeled as a collector's series and is still a little tough to find.

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Iron Man

This Iron Man is one of the more interesting ones released. The armor for this one comes from the 'Avengers Reborn' series that went on right after the Onslaught events that took place mostly in X-Men. The figure itself is very detailed and very well done. He's got decent articulation too. This Iron Man doesn't feature removable armor like all the other ones do, except for the pieces on his forearms and legs. He also comes with a recharging station that attaches to the square in his chest.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: Recharge station, Arm armor x2, Back armor

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Loki would be one of the few characters who were in the comics a lot but never seemed to get a figure since they didn't fit into very many of the figure lines that were out at the time. He does get a figure in this line though, and it is a good one. He is a bit taller since it is a 6-inch line, but he's not that out of place with other Marvel figures. He has decent articulation and is very detailed. His cape is the same cloth that was used on the Scarlet Witch. The tassel on the top of is head is made of a soft plastic too, so it can be easily moved around.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: Energy sphere

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Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch would not get a figure until this series. The figure is very well done, but stands out a bit since she is a bit taller than most other figures. She is decently detailed and articulated like most figures are starting to become. She also features a cloth cape, which looks pretty good. She comes with an energy ball that fits over her hand. Her figure is a bit awkward in that it's a bit big for the other 5 inch figures, but a bit small for the 6 inch figures. She kind of fits in with both lines though.

Figure ability: Hex bolts
Accessories: Hex bolts x2, Energy sphere

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Thor received a much needed update in this line. Since he is to a larger scale he is taller than most other figures at the time but does not look too out of place. The design itself is more animated than usual.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: Mjolnir hammer, Cloud base, Lightning bolt x3

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