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Ghost Rider Series 2 - 1996

The second Ghost Rider series would include more Ghost Riders, another Blaze and a few new figures. All the figures would come with a comic just like the first series.

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Armored Blaze

Another Blaze figure would be added to the line, and this one was more armored than the first. The detail on this figure is a lot better than the first, mostly due to all the armor pieces that he has all over his body. The armor doesn't look too bad actually. In the original prototype pictures, his outfit was painted closer to how it looked in the comics but was changed for unknown reasons. He also was supposed to come with his hellfire shotgun, though it was cut from the final release.

Figure ability: Light up chest
Accessories: Leg armor, Eye patch, Arm armor

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Caretaker would be cut from the second lineup of figures because figure series were going down from 6 to 5 figures. This figure would not get released at all.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: None

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Exploding Ghost Rider

A Ghost Rider in his older blue outfit, this figure's look is a good choice but has a strange action feature. The figure does explode and all the limbs and head detach from the torso, but this also makes him hard to keep together. Oddly, despite this being the original Ghost Rider, the other Ghost Rider in the line bears that title.

Figure ability: Exploding torso action
Accessories: None

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Original Ghost Rider

This figure is very similar to the first Ghost Rider figure that was released, but with more fire around his hands and feet like he had in the comics. The detail on the sculpt for this one is just a bit better than the first Ghost Rider, due to the extra flame that had to be sculpted on. The figure ability is having his chest open up and reveals some flame. The feature works well, but makes his chest very bulky and looks a little odd. The sides of his chest often fall off too.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: None

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One of the bigger figures in the line, Outcast has a good sculpt to him and does have decent articulation. The figure comes with a lot of accessories as well.

Figure ability: Claw ripping action
Accessories: Cage and chain, Pole, Skull, Skull belt, Claw

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This is one of the better-looking figures in the line aswell as the only figure of Zarathos to date. The detail and articulation are decent, much like most of the other figures in the line. He has an action feature similar to a few other figures in the marvel line as he can shoot out the fireballs from his hands by loading them into his arms. The prototype pictures featured different arms with open hands and elbow articulation, implying that the decision to add the action feature came later.

Figure ability: Ghostfire hurling action
Accessories: Cape

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