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X-Men Phoenix Saga - 1994

Toybiz's first themed figure assortment. This offered a good variety of character from the Phoenix Saga, plus another Wolverine. This series was also produced on two different types of backer boards - the standard ones with that particular character on the front, and the new larger generic ones that just had a picture of Wolverine on it. The second wave of Phoenix Saga figures on the bigger generic card often was packaged with extra Accessories from other figures.

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Corsair is leader of the Starjammers and was a good choice because a few other Starjammer figures had already been made and they played a role in the Phoenix Saga. This figure comes with a lot of Accessories and that is the figure's ability which makes sense since he was a normal human in the comics. The figure is also very well articulated.

Figure ability: Rope sliding
Accessories: Sword, Gun, Rope, Slider

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This Gladiator figure is a pretty good figure with a decent sculpt and good articulation. The punching action worked very well although it left a long button coming out of his back that went through his cape to activate his punching action. Something about this figure doesn't look quite right to me though but I have not been able to figure out what it was.

Figure ability: Punching action
Accessories: Cape

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This is actually the first version on a Jean Grey figure produced. The figure itself is really good. The launcher pad is supposed to make her fly, but it doesn't really work that well. The pad originally was packaged with Cannonball. The figure has good articulation and also features a light up head when a button on her back is pushed, making her hair and eyes light up. She was the toughest figure in this lineup to find.

Figure ability: Light up head
Accessories: Launch Pad

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Space Wolverine

This is another Wolverine in a space suit. This is how he appeared during the Phoenix Saga on the animated series. The helmet is removable and the figure has decent articulation. The claws are also retractable.

Figure ability: Slashing space armor
Accessories: Helmet

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Warstar used the same figure ability as Tusk did having a smaller figure fit inside the larger one. The figure itself is a good one with good articulation. He is also colored a very cool metallic green. Too bad he is a very minor character. Here is another example of a figure that might have done better if more members of the Imperial Guard were made.

Figure ability: Surprise attack team
Accessories: Tiny Warstar Figure

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