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Fantastic Four Series 4 - 1996

The fourth and final series would give some remakes of figures, as well as a few new ones. This series was smaller than any other series in this line, but the figures are a little more detailed and a little bigger. All the figures in this line came with a platform of some sort.

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Johnny Storm

This Human Torch is a Johnny Storm partially changed into the Human Torch. The detail put into this figure is very good and the articulation is decent as well. I wonder why they never did an Invisible Woman like this one who was half transformed. He comes with a flame base that he can stand on and a little fireball.

Figure ability: Flaming figure platform
Accessories: Platform, Fireball

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This is another good choice for a figure in this line, as she was in the comics a lot. The figure is pretty good, and it would be reused a bunch of times.

Figure ability: Hair snare platform
Accessories: Platform

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Psycho Man

This is one of the bulkier figures in this line next to the Thing. His suit is pretty well detailed and he is decently articulated.

Figure ability: Emotion detector platform
Accessories: Platform

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This Thing figure is in his Fantastic Four outfit. The figure is more detailed than previous figures and is also a little bigger. This is probably the best Thing figure produced. The sculpt is pretty detailed as well. He comes on a base that when a button is pressed, it breaks apart.

Figure ability: Rock breaking platform
Accessories: Platform, Rocks x2

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Trapster, or 'Paste Pot Pete' as he was once known, got cut from this series due to downsizing of the series. Toybiz had gone from 6 figures per wave to 5, and Trapster was the one that decided to get cut. He was supposed to include a figure base with various traps on it, just like all the other figures in this series.

Figure ability: Trapping figure base
Accessories: None

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An old villain gets his only figure in this line. His head is pretty big though, but it is supposed to be that way. The pose he is in is pretty good though and he does have a decent amount of articulation.

Figure ability: Disc firing platform
Accessories: Platform, Discs

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