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Fantastic Four Series 3 - 1995

The third lineup gives a whole host of new villains and a few new heroes. The lineup originally contained an Adam Warlock figure, but it was dropped for some reason. Attuma replaced him in the series.

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Adam Warlock

This figure was dropped from the line for some reason, possibly due to production problems. The figure was actually really good and a great likeness of the character. The cape is a little strange though. The figure also features a good amount of articulation as most figures in this line do. The figure was eventually released in the Overpower series of figures.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: Staff

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This is Annihilus's second figure, and it's a huge improvement. The figure is very detailed and had an interesting action feature. The figure actually has a smaller figure that is the head, and that smaller figure sits in the chest of the bigger one. The 'cosmic control rod' is attached to the smaller figure. The wings can move some to add to his articulation.

Figure ability: Cosmic control rod
Accessories: Smaller figure, Shoulder spikes x2

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This figure replaced the Adam Warlock figure scheduled for release. The figure is very well done like most of the other figures in the series.

Figure ability: Sword slashing action
Accessories: Sword

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This is Namor's first figure and is done very well. He would not see very many figures in any lines at all, but he didn't need many. This figure is pretty detailed and pretty well sculpted and is a good likeness of the character based on his classic appearance, though he had only recently grown his hair long and wore it in a ponytail in the comics.

Figure ability: Power punch
Accessories: Trident, Shield

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Super Skrull

The Super Skrull can use all the powers of all four members of the Fantastic Four. They managed to show this in the figure. The legs are partially invisible and the arms look like the Thing's arms with flames on them from the Human Torch. The arms will extend like Mr. Fantastic's arms. The figure is very well done.

Figure ability: Extending arm
Accessories: None

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Thing II

This is pretty much a Thing figure with a trench coat, sunglasses, and a hat. The figure is a bit cartoonier looking than the other Thing figures, but is still a good figure. The rocks on his skin aren't as rocky though.

Figure ability: Disguise
Accessories: Trenchcoat, Hat, Sunglasses

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This figure is pretty good and a nice addition to the group of Inhumans this line has already put out. The scales he is covered with are done well.

Figure ability: Swimming action
Accessories: Shark, Sea trumpet

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