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Fantastic Four Series 2 - 1995

This series gave the other two fantastic four members who only got repaints in the last series brand new figures. In addition to that, we were given several new supporting characters that really added to the line. Still, some of the figures had a bit of a cartoony look to them. But, they did fit in well with most all the other marvel figures.

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Blaastar was another villain from the Fantastic Four that appeared from time to time. He has a blasting feature similar to Shocker.

Figure ability: Firing arm projectiles
Accessories: Missle x2

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Dragon Man

This figure is pretty good, one of the bigger figures made. The figure's tongue moves in and out when his legs are squeezed together. His wings are also removable. The detail on this figure is decent as you can see his scales all over his body. The fireball he comes with is the came one that came with X-Force's Pyro.

Figure ability: Fire breathing action
Accessories: Fireball, Wings x2

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Firelord would get his first and only figure in this series. The figure has a good amount of articulation and the sculpt is decent. I think he looks a little to brightly colored though. His flames look more like haie, but it's a decent attempt. He comes with a fire staff will shoot a fireball when a button on the staff is pressed.

Figure ability: Cosmic flame staff
Accessories: Fireball, Staff

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This figure is pretty good, just has a hard time standing sometimes. The guns that come with him are the same guns that came with X-Men Series 3's Bishop.

Figure ability: Hoof stomping action
Accessories: Gun, Gun

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Human Torch

This Human Torch is a pretty good figure with a neat sparking action. The upper body is a bit big since they had to fit in the sparking action. The launch pad is similar to the one that came with X-Force's Cannonball. This Human Torch is a lot more detailed than the previous one.

Figure ability: Sparking action
Accessories: Launch pad

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Invisible Woman

This version is different that what was shown on the backs of the figures. She came in a clear plastic only and was never released in a painted version of this sculpt. The figure has good articulation as well. A great figure though whose body would be reused many times.

Figure ability: Invisible shield
Accessories: Invisible shield, Invisible platform

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Thanos was a great choice for a figure, as he was a big threat in the comics. The figure itself is very well done and is pretty bulky. The detail on it is also very good. The neat thing is that the figure has shiny chrome eyes, which makes him look cool. I'm not sure why he comes with the skull on a rope that X-Force's Krule came with.

Figure ability: Pulverizing gauntlet action
Accessories: Skulls

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