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Fantastic Four Series 1 - 1994

The first lineup of characters and figures would be a really good start for this line. Not only did they give us all 4 Fantastic Four characters, but we got alot of other supporting characters as well. Though, 2 of the 4 Fantastic Four members were just repaints of other figures, it was still a nice touch.

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Black Bolt

Black Bolt got a figure in the first wave of Fantastic Four figures. He's in his original blue costume which he wore in the comics a very long time. The figure is decently done with a small plastic wings that spread out when a button on his belt is pressed. The detail on this figure is very good. To date this is the only figure of Black Bolt in his original costume. A new Black Bolt would be released a few years later in his new black costume.

Figure ability: Spread out wings
Accessories: None

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Dr. Doom

This is the only decent figure of Dr. Doom that had been made, and he still could have been improved on. This figure has an odd ability to shoot his hand out a little bit. He also has a removable cape very similar to the cape the Gladiator figure had from the X-Men Phoenix Saga had. The figure seems to need to hunch over a bit to get to stand properly. The face on the figure is very well done though.

Figure ability: Extending hand
Accessories: Gun, Cape

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Fantastic Four Classic FANTASTICAR

it only has 3 sounds but it is better than none but this is one toy you want to get it rare in all my time of buying marvel i have only seen one and i jump on it and got it and its the best in the line

Figure ability: sounds
Accessories: None

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Human Torch

This Human Torch just has painted on flames instead of molded ones. It's actually a repaint of the Silver Surfer figure in this line. The articulation is decent just as it is on the Silver Surfer figure, but the painted on flames don't look all that great. The painted on flames do glow in the dark though.

Figure ability: Launch pad, glow in the dark flames
Accessories: Launchpad

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Invisible Woman

This Invisible Woman was also released in this line. This version is just a repaint of Spider Woman. The figure would get her own new sculpt in the next line.

Figure ability: Invisible shield
Accessories: Invisible shield, Invisible platform

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Mole Man

Another classic Fantastic Four villain would be included in this series. He has a removable cape as well as a smaller mole man.

Figure ability: Spinning staff action
Accessories: Staff, Moloid figure, Cape

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Mr. Fantastic

This was the only Mr. Fantastic figure released in this figure line. The arms of this figure are made from a stretchy rubber that allows them to be pulled on and moved around, which makes his arm articulation very good but also means they can't be put in any permanent poses. The figure otherwise is a good likeness of the character.

Figure ability: Streching action
Accessories: Utility belt

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Silver Surfer

A Silver Surfer was put out in this line before he had his own line of figures. The figure is bigger than the Marvel Super Heroes one and is made from very shiny chrome. The articulation in this figure is very good, although his left arm has done weird articulation in that his elbow is always bent. The material this figure is made from is not the normal plastic and seems more brittle than most figures.

Figure ability: Surfing action
Accessories: Surf board

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Terrax was a good enemy to include in this figure line. He comes with a good level of detail and articulation. The plastic pieces that attach to his waist in front and back fall out easily though. The rock platform he comes with will run if you pull back on it and let go.

Figure ability: Space soaring meteor
Accessories: Axe, Rock platform, Belt pieces x2

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A large bulky Thing figure was released in this series. The figure features similar twisting waist and punching action that was present in many figures in the X-Men line. The figure was one of the more detailed figures released in this line, but was a little too brightly painted. I thought this figure should have been a bit taller.

Figure ability: Twist and punch action
Accessories: None

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