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Iron Man Series 4 - 1995

The fourth lineup of figures would be down to only 5 figures per series. Unfortunately, 3 of the 5 would be Iron Men in this lineup, and another War Machine. While another War Machine was welcomed, it's really almost as if there were 4 Iron Man variants in this set. The Crymson Dynamo was a nice addition to the set though.

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Crimson Dynamo

The only villain in this series would be the toughest one of the line to find. He has a large hole that goes through his chest to fire a fireball. Kind of strange. His armor pieces are interchangeable with most of the Iron Man figures though.

Figure ability: Removable armor, fireball shooting action
Accessories: Chest Armor x2, Belt x2, Leg Armor x2, Head Crest, Arm Armor x2, Missle

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Inferno Armor Iron Man

This figure's design is slightly modified from the standard armor. In addition to the standard red and yellow removable armor, he can spray water with the small water squirter that comes with him through the hoses in his arms.

Figure ability: Removable armor
Accessories: Wrist connectors x2, Water pump, Backpack, Boots x2, Belt x2, Arm armor x2, Shoulder armor x2, Chest armor x2

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Samurai Armor Iron Man

This armor is quite different than most other armors he would come in. This armor has large blades that come out of his arms and some armor pieces for his sides and back. The green and black color combination looked very good on this figure.

Figure ability: Removable armor
Accessories: Arm blades x2, Shoulder armor x2, Side armor x2, Boots x2, Chest armor x2

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Subterranian Armor Iron Man

This Iron Man is suited for underground drilling and such. The figure's armor comes in a very neat shiny gold color. The figure itself if pretty much like all the other Iron Man figures.

Figure ability: Removable armor
Accessories: Missile, Launcher, Chest armor x2, Drill, Boots x2, Arm armor x2, Belt x2, Shoulder armor x2

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War Machine II

This new War Machine is basically the same as the first series one, but with a few slightly different armor pieces and an eye patch. The coloring on this figure is lighter silver, which I like better than the darker gray. This War Machine comes with two rocket launchers on his back that makes him look petty cool.

Figure ability: Removable armor
Accessories: Missles x2, Arm armor x2, Back launcher, Belt x2, Leg armor x2, Shoulder armor x2, Chest armor x2

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