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Iron Man Series 3 - 1995

The third series would start out with 7 figures, but be knocked down to 6. The assortment of characters still remained pretty good in this series, though instead of 3 Iron Man variants and 4 supporting characters, it got knocked down to 3 supporting characters and 3 Iron Man variants.

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Artic Armor Iron Man

Another Iron Man variant, this one has an arctic theme. The figure comes with two large claws and shiny chrome armor. The figure is very similar to the other Iron Man figures in terms of sculpt and articulation.

Figure ability: Removable armor
Accessories: Belt x2, Boots x2, Chest armor x2

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This figure is not one of the better figures in the line. There is some good detail on the chains that are on his body. The figure also features a cloth cape that can't be removed, though the knee pads are removable.

Figure ability: Battle staff and cape
Accessories: None

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Dread Knight

A lesser villain, this figure is actually pretty cool. The detail on this figure is very good and he features a good degree of articulation. He also comes with a removable cape.

Figure ability: Firing lance action
Accessories: Cape, ID Badge, Shield, Lance x2

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Hulkbuster Iron Man

This version of Iron Man is one of the neater ones. The figure is much bigger than the normal Iron Mans, modeled after the armor that he would have to use if he were to fight the Hulk. The armor pieces on this Iron Man are removable, but are not interchangeable with pieces from other Iron Man figures.

Figure ability: Removable armor
Accessories: None

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Titanium Man

Titanium Man was one of the larger figures produced for the Iron Man series. The figure is very well done and is painted in a neat metallic green. The figure is just as detailed and poseable as most of the figures in this lineup. He also comes with a cannon that can attach to his shoulder and a saw that can attach to his arm.

Figure ability: Retractable arm saw
Accessories: Shoulder launcher, Arm saw, ID badge

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Tony Stark

This is a neat figure, as it a normal Tony Stark that can become Iron Man. The figure only came with a few pieces of armor, but the armor from any other Iron Man could fit onto him. He did come with a helmet though which no other Iron Man figure had. The helmet and few armor pieces he had fit into a large briefcase. A very cool idea.

Figure ability: Removable armor
Accessories: Leg armor x2, Helmet, Suitcase

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U.S. Agent was supposed to be in this line, but got dropped to make the line consist of 6 instead of 7. The figure never got put in any other lineup and was never officially released. However, some figures did get out and are available on places like eBay. The body was reused on a few other figures, but this one never officially saw the light of day.

Figure ability: Firing shield action
Accessories: None

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