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Iron Man Series 2 - 1995

The second lineup would give us some more supporting characters, both hero and villian, in addition to a few more Iron Man variant armors.

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Another one of the few villains in the series, this one is pretty good. Blizzards is decently articulated as well as sculpted really well. I really like the coloring on this figure too. The figure comes with an ice glove that snaps over his hand and an ice staff.

Figure ability: Ice Fist Punch
Accessories: Ice staff, ID badge, Ice glove x2

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One of the Avengers gets his first figure in this lineup. Why more Avengers didn't show up in this line is beyond me. The figure is pretty good though, with the same level of detail and articulation that all the other figures in the line have. The arms can be positioned so that it looks like he is about to shoot his bow.

Figure ability: Bow and arrow arsenal
Accessories: Bow, Arrows x3, Quiver, Knife, ID badge

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Hologram Armor Iron Man

This is not only one of the better Iron Man variants, but also a suit of armor he did wear in the comics for quite awhile. This 'Silver Centurian' Iron Man features removable armor and a good sculpt, just like all the rest. This armor is similar to the armor that was in the comics around the time of the Secret Wars, which makes this Iron Man a nice one to add to a collection.

Figure ability: Removable armor
Accessories: Missle, Gun, Laucher, Belt, Arm armor x2, Shoulder armor x2, Boots x2, Chest armor x2

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This is a very bizarre figure to say the least but it is how he looked in the comics. The figure can shoot a projectile from his forehead to show his mind powers. The entire head section is made from a very soft plastic as well. The arms and legs have a little bit of articulation but not a lot.

Figure ability: Energy brain blasts
Accessories: Side gun, Side cannon, Mental bolt, ID badge

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Space Armor Iron Man

This Iron Man has a space theme to it in that his armor acts as a space suit. The figure is one of the better-looking Iron Man figures. The level of detail and articulation are what you would expect from an Iron Man figure.

Figure ability: Snap on armor
Accessories: Shoulder Armor x2, Boots x2, Chest Armor x2, Arm Armor x2, Launcher

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Stealth Armor Iron Man

A very different Iron Man version, this one features a backpack that can slide down a string and shiny dark blue armor pieces. The detail and articulation are about the same as most of the other Iron Man figures.

Figure ability: Removable armor
Accessories: Leg armor x4, Gun, Arm armor x2, Chest armor x2, Wing, Shoulder armor x2

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Whirlwind's upper torso is quite loose so that it can be spun around in a 'whirlwind' action by twisting him to wind him up and then letting him go. The saw blades can be thrown by attaching them to his arms and spinning him. The detail on this figure is good like most of the other figures in this line.

Figure ability: Whirling Battle Action
Accessories: Saw blades x2, ID badge

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