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Iron Man Series 1 - 1994

The first lineup would offer a decent selection of characters, and not just a whole bunch of Iron Man variants. This assortment gave us not only some Iron Man villians but some other heroes as well. All the figures in this line were pretty well done.

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A decent figure that comes with 'Whip cracking action' similar the X-Men Senyaka figure. The detail on this figure is ok, but not great. He's also decently articulated. He does have a removable cape, however. Interestingly, the head on this figure would be reused alot of times, minus the ponytail.

Figure ability: Whip cracking action
Accessories: Nunchaku, Cape, Whip, ID badge

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Grey Gargoyle

This figure is very well done, as he looks like he is made of stone. The figure is also decently articulated. There is a lever in the back that allows him to throw the bricks. His cape can also be removed.

Figure ability: Brick throwing action
Accessories: Brick pieces x2, Cape, ID badge

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Hydro Armor Iron Man

The first variant Iron Man, this was designed to be an Underwater Iron Man. This figure, like all the other Iron Man figures, comes with a good level of detail on the figure and decent articulation. The figure's armor is a shiny orangeish gold and he comes with a little helmet to go over his normal Iron Man helmet.

Figure ability: Removable armor
Accessories: Missles x2, Launcher, Arm armor x2, Shoulder armor x2, Boots x2, Chest armor x2, Helmet

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Iron Man

This version is the 'normal' Iron Man, with the standard red and yellow armor designed after what he looked like in the comics at the time. The figure was pretty good, one of the better in the series and also one of the harder figures to find.

Figure ability: Removable armor
Accessories: Shoulder armor x2, Launcher, Arm armor x2, Launcher, Boots x2, Belt x2, Chest armor x2

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The Mandarin's first figure is modeled after how he typically looked in the Iron Man cartoon. There is a slight lack of articulation in the hands, but that is due to the light up mechanism. The hands are made in a clear light green plastic so the can glow. The detail on this figure is very good though.

Figure ability: Light up hands
Accessories: Sash piece, ID badge, Cape, Helmet

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Spider Woman

The only female figure in the whole line. This figure is ok, with the web throwing action working marginally well. The arms are not real articulated because of it.

Figure ability: Web throwing action
Accessories: ID badge, Psionic web

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War Machine

War Machine could have easily been another Iron Man variant, but he's silver and gray, so therefore he is War Machine. The figure is well done just like most other Iron Man figures and features the same interchangable snap on armor pieces the other Iron Man figures have.

Figure ability: Removable armor
Accessories: Back gun, Back launcher, Shoulder armor x2, Arm armor x2, Belt x2, Boots x2, Chest armor x2

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