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X-Men Repaints - 1993

This is just a re-release of older figures. More were released than the ones shown here, as almost all of the first series was re-released

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Same as first series with grey wings instead of white.

Figure ability: Missles fire from tips of the wings, wings flap
Accessories: Missle x2

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This figure was re-released as well, with the only difference being in the color of the top of his boots. The original was yellow, while these are red.

Figure ability: Power lifting - will lift the giant dumbbell
Accessories: Dumbell

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This Cyclops is a repaint of the X-Men series 1 Cyclops but this time painted in his traditional X-Men costume he wore for quite some time in the comics. In terms of articulation and scale he's the exact same as the original X-Men series 1 Cyclops figure. Paint wise it is a good figure, although you can see the outlines of his original paint job, but that is just a feature of the mold. A good figure for early Marvel figures.

Figure ability: Light up visor for
Accessories: Portable Cerebro Unit

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The only difference than the series 2 Iceman is that this one is made from a clear light blue plastic instead of the clear white plastic.

Figure ability: Ice sled action
Accessories: Ice sled

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The only thing that was changed is that the orange was repainted to a darker reddish color.

Figure ability: Punching ability, wheels on feet allowed him to ram things
Accessories: Battering Ram

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Exactly the same as the series 2 release, only with some of the purple parts painted red.

Figure ability: Sparking action
Accessories: Gun, Cape

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Mr. Sinister

Same as the second series one, except with a red cape instead of a blue one.

Figure ability: Light up eyes and chest
Accessories: Cape

Nightcrawler (rerelease)

As far as I know, nothing was changed from the original release of Nightcrawler.

Figure ability: Suction cups allow him to stick to surfaces, bendable tail
Accessories: Sword

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Same as the second series Sauron, except his shorts were changed from brown to gold and black.

Figure ability: Twisting wing attack
Accessories: Club

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This is the same figure as the first series Storm but repainted in her then current costume.

Figure ability: Light up lightning bolt on her chest
Accessories: Lightning Bolt

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Weapon X Wolverine

The cables are differently colored than that of the series 2 release.

Figure ability: Hi tech helmet
Accessories: Helmet and power cables

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