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Spider-Man Flip N Trap - 1998

This series produced some great figures, especially because three characters had not gotten a figure yet. All of the figures came with large Accessories with the figures wore as backpacks. Originally, there was a problem with the Madam Web figure, so the Web Trap Spider-Man repaints were added temporarily to fill out the cases.

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Madam Web

She is another good choice for a figure. She is pretty articulated for having no legs. She comes with a chair she can sit on, which is usually what she was doing in the comics. There was actaully a problem with production of this figure, which is why so many Spider-Man variants are in this series.

Figure ability: Tech web catcher
Accessories: Chair, Spiders x2, Web pole, Web traps x2

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Red Skull

Red Skull gets his first figure in this line too, and it is a great one. The figure sculpt it near perfect and his skull head is very creepy. Not only that, but he is very well articulated as well. Due to the fact that his shirt comes down over the very tops of his legs, means that even though his legs are articulated, they can't move since the plastic part of his shirt is there.

Figure ability: Giant skull catcher
Accessories: Skull backpack, Spiders x2

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A very old Spider-man character gets a figure in this line too. This figure is taller than most figures and has extra sand arms that can be attached on his back. His hands even have a sandy texture to them, and the arms have ball joints that give them excellent articulation. The knees do not bend though, so the legs lack in articulation.

Figure ability: Grabbing sand hands
Accessories: Sand hands

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This is another Spider-man variant in a different outfit. The figure is decent.

Figure ability: Web trap catcher
Accessories: None

Spider-Man (rerelease)

This is a variant of the figure, in Spider-man's normal colors.

Figure ability: Web net trap
Accessories: None

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Web Catcher Spider-Man

This figure is a cool black and white Spider-man variant and this is how he looked when he was in the Negative Zone, as in Peter Parker: Spider-Man #90. This figure is a repaint of the Web Trap Spider-Man that was in the Web Trap series, and is the hardest to find of all the Spider-Man variants.

Figure ability: Web net catcher
Accessories: None

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Web Catcher Spider-Man

This is another variant that was in a red and shiny black.

Figure ability: Web net catcher
Accessories: None

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