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X-Men Series 6 - 1994

This series didn't have much to offer. A bunch of new characters got their first figures, but most of the characters were minor, and thus they didn't sell as well. The Rouge figure was the highest selling one, as this was the first figure of her, and the second female figure to be made. A Senyaka figure is also included in this assortment as an exclusive figure to Toys R Us.

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Bonebreaker is a figure of a very old X-Man villain. He wasn't even a main villain just a member of the Reavers. The figure actually has no legs - he just plugs into the tank that comes with it. This figure didn't sell very well. I think this figure would have done better had other Reavers been released possibly in a set or something.

Figure ability: Attack tank
Accessories: Tank gun, Missles x2, Gun

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Ch'od is one of the Starjammers, and one of two Starjammers released in this series. The figure doesn't have a lot of articulation, but it is a good sculpting and a decent amount of detail. His action feature of throwing a figure does work pretty well as he can actually toss a figure a fair distance. Usually he throws them straight down though. He comes with a small white ferret like animal that sits on his shoulder via a little peg.

Figure ability: Throws other figures
Accessories: Animal

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Civilian Wolverine

This is another Wolverine variant, this time in street clothes. This is the only Wolverine made in normal clothes. It features retractable claws much like the claws on the first series Wolverine. He is a little tall compared to other figures though.

Figure ability: Retractable claws
Accessories: None

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I have no idea why this figure was included in this assortment. The figure itself is ok it does look like what it is supposed to, but this character only appeared in Excalibur for a short time and is a very minor character. It is nice to see that Toybiz was interested in putting out a lot of the minor characters though as they do round out the line.

Figure ability: Sword slashing action
Accessories: Swords x2, Sash pieces x2

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Raza is one of the two Starjammers released in this series and one of the three that would be released throughout the entire line. The figure itself is ok with the fencing action not working very well. It did have ball arm joints though. His ponytail is also removable. The feet are in an odd position which made his tough to stand sometimes.

Figure ability: Fencing action
Accessories: Sword, Gun, Ponytail

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The Rogue figure was the highest selling figure in this lineup, and the second female X-Man figure that would be made. This figure would be repainted and re-released a few times. There is a variant version, one with eye shadow and one without. The figure has good articulation as well as a good sculpt. The belt is removable - which is a nice touch - but it can fall off and be easily lost. The uppercut punching feature works very well.

Figure ability: Uppercut punch
Accessories: Belt

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An exclusive figure to Toys R Us and a decent figure at that. This sold fairly well because it was exclusive and a decent figure. The figure was later added as part of the regular assortment in the Mutant Genesis series.

Figure ability: Whip cracking action
Accessories: Whip

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