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Spider-Man Spider Force - 1997

This series contained a bunch of figures that all had snap on "insect armor". Each figure has some relation to an insect. This series would offer only one Spider-man variant, and four figures for characters who had not gotten one yet. It is a good series for collectors who wanted new characters.

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Beetle is a very old Spider-man villain who would surprise many by getting a figure. The only difference is that he does not have his wings on the back of the figure. But, it you put all that armor pieces on, he gets wings, so that makes up for it. I don't think he wore any of armor he comes with in the comics, but it is still a good figure with a body that would be used again on other figures.

Figure ability: Transforming insect armor
Accessories: Bug arms x2, Bug wings, Bug head

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Cyber-sect Spider-Man

This is another Spider-man variant a lot like most of the others. This one has snap on 'Insect Armor' to turn him into a 'Cyber-Spider'.

Figure ability: Transforming insect armor
Accessories: Spider leg armor x2

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Probably the only figure of a character who is supposed to be made completely of bees. Oh well, it is still a good figure and a good likeness of the character. He comes with armor that transforms him into a big bee. Makes sense. His cape is also removable.

Figure ability: Transforming insect armor
Accessories: Bee arms x2, Bee wings x2, Bee fur, Bee head, Bee stinger x2, Cape, Hood

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Tarantula is a classic character from the comics. But, he still gets a figure in this line. Something of note is that, though it didn't look too much like his snap on armor, he did indeed become a giant tarantula in the comics in Amazing Spider-Man #233-236. The figure is very well articulated though and the back of his headband is cloth.

Figure ability: Transforming insect armor
Accessories: Chest armor, Back armor, Leg armor x2, Arm armor x2, Helmet

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This is one of the Avengers that would get a figure in the Spider-man line. Wasp is in a more insect state than she usually was in the comics at times, but the figure is still a good figure. She has wings that snap on, and are mode of a cool shiny color changing paint.

Figure ability: Transforming insect armor
Accessories: Wasp armor, Wasp head, Wasp stinger, Wings

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