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Spider-Man Web Splashers - 1997

This is a new gimmick in the Spider-man line that would be repeated a few times. Each figure included floating accessories or water squirting action that appealed to kids. Despite having some variants of figures that never were in the comics that way this line did pretty well. So well in fact, that there would be two more Web Splashers series.

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Black Sea Venom

This figure is one of the bigger and more deformed Venom figures released. The figure's design is a slightly modified version of his regular appearance.

Figure ability: Inflatable stingray symbiote
Accessories: Symbiote head, Air pump, Ray raft

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Deep Sea Diver Spider-Man

This Spider-man variant is him in a diving suit complete with a removable helmet.

Figure ability: Deep sea gear
Accessories: Spider raft, Spider, Spider legs, Helmet, Air pump

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Deep Sea Octopus

This Dr. Octopus is a lot different than he ever was in the comics. I think he got included because his name was 'octopus' an octopus is a sea creature. He doesn't have metal arms but instead tentacles that come out his forearms.

Figure ability: Inflatable octolegs
Accessories: Octopus raft, Air pump, Dome Halves x2

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Deep Sea Octopus (variant)

Thisis the same as the normal Deep Sea Octopus figure but with lighter orange paint and darker blue paint.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: Dome, Octopus raft, Air pump

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Sea Hunter Spider-Man

This Spider-man has some slight changes made to give him webbed hands for better swimming. He also comes with some flippers that slide on his feet. He is very poseable though.

Figure ability: Sea hunting gear
Accessories: Raft, Spider, Water pump, Paddles x2, Flippers x2, Mask

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Shark Trap Spider-Man

This variant is one of the cooler ones. The body is molded in a clear light blue plastic that gives him a watery look.

Figure ability: Shark trap gear
Accessories: Water pump, Shark, Trident, Raft, Cage side x4, Cage side

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