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Spider-Man Vampire Wars - 1996

This series would include more Spider-man variants as well as a Blade figure and another Morbius. The figures in this line are pretty good looking.

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Air Attack Spider-Man

This is another Spider-man variant with a backpack that can fire missiles. It uses a stnadard Spider-Man body with a new paint job.

Figure ability: Wing attack backpack
Accessories: Armor, Missle, Wing backpack, Crotch piece

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Anti-Vampire Spider-Man

This Spider-man was a little more armored than other versions. It is one of the neater looking ones and has a bit more detail than most Spider-Man variants.

Figure ability: Spinning sunlight blaster
Accessories: Sunlight blaster

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This is the only comic book version that Blade would get. The figure is very well done and is a great likeness of the character. The sculpt on the figure is good, and he even has cut marks on his shirt and chest which give him a little bit of battle damage. I has hoped he would come with some sort of sword, he did not.

Figure ability: Spear launching attack
Accessories: Backpack launcher, Axes x3, Shoulder guns

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Morbius Unbound

This Morbius is pretty cool. He's fully transformed into a bat and is very large. There is a button on his back that will pump a red liquid through the veins on his chest, which does look very neat. He is also decently posable as well. His feet are small, which makes him tough to stand up sometimes though.

Figure ability: Blood pumping action
Accessories: Bat

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Vampire Spider-Man

This is different from the other Vampire Spider-Man released in the Arachnaphobia series around the same time. It's also one of the freakier Spider-Man variants. He is transformed into a large bat, and has very large hands and feet. He doesn't have any wings, but this red cape with a bat attached to it.

Figure ability: Bat launching action
Accessories: Bat, Spider-bat missle, Launcher

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