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Spider-Man Techno Wars - 1996

This series was just reused Iron Man series 5 figures since it was cancelled. This line was very similar to the X-Men Mutant Armor line that did the same.

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Anti-symbiote Spider-Man

This is just a regular Spider-man figure with an added containment unit to store his symbiote costume in. The symbiote does come out of the containment unit.

Figure ability: Sonic containment unit
Accessories: Sonic gun, Symbiote

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Hyper Tech Spider-Man

Another Spider-man figure that was not much different than any other one. This one comes with some snap on pieces to a Gamma Gun.

Figure ability: Gamma gun
Accessories: Boots x2, Claw, Gamma gun

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Radiation Suit Spider-Man

This figure is a reused Radiation Armor Iron Man that was left over from the cancelled Series 5 Iron Man line with a Spider-Man head on it. Like the Magnetic Armor Wolverine that was put out in the X-Men line, Spider-Man can change armor pieces with most Iron Man figures. The figure resembles the alternate reality technology-obsessed Spidey from the animated series.

Figure ability: Radiation weaponry
Accessories: Radioactive container, Claw, Pincher, Boots x2, Belt x2, Chest armor x2, Arm armor x2, Shoulder armor x2

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Ultimate Octopus

This is just a series 1 Dr. Octopus that was repainted and had a lot of new Accessories added to it.

Figure ability: Spider squashing gear
Accessories: Saw, Spiked ball, Drill, Chainsaw, Boots x2, Helmet

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Vault Guardian

Another re-used figure from the Series 5 Iron Man line, this used to be Lava Armor Iron Man. Unlike the other figures in that line that were reused, this one did not even get a new head. The only difference is that it is colored green like the Guardsman Armor. Since he is an Iron Man figure, he can swap armor pieces with most other Iron Man figures and fits in perfectly with the figures in the Iron Man toyline.

Figure ability: Riot control unit
Accessories: Backpack, Boots x2, Arm armor x2, Chest armor x2

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