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Spider-Man Spider Wars - 1996

This lineup offered a bunch of new figures and a few new heroes who had not gotten figures before. It was nice since it only had one Spider-Man variant in the series, which allowed several new characters to get figures.

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Black Cat

Black Cat gets her first figure in this lineup. She is one of the few females who would get a figure in the Spider-man line. The figure is well done but lacks a lot of articulation. Her feet seemed to be posed in an odd position so that he is tough to get to stand up. This figure would be repainted several times for various figures.

Figure ability: Cat scratch crossbow
Accessories: Briefcase, Crossbow, Pin, Crossbow bolt

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Cyborg Spider-Man

This Spider-man has a large attachable cyborg arm similar to the Monster Armor Sinister figure in the X-Men line. The cyborg arm is very detailed. As surprising as it is, this costume was indeed in the comics, during the Revenge of the Sinister Six arc. The issue he was in had him teaming up with Deathlok, hence the two pack.

Figure ability: High tech armor
Accessories: Cyborg armor, Missles x3, Cable, Pin

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Doppelganger's figure is very articulated for having six arms. The figure is very well done and actually kind of scary looking.

Figure ability: Living alien spider trap
Accessories: Spider trap, Pin

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Dr. Strange

Dr. Strange gets a figure since he was in the animated series for a while. The figure is well done, and can have the appearance of floating since his cape will stand on its own. The only thing is that he leans forward some since his cape doesn't support all of his weight. Like most figures in the Spider-Man line, he has a good sculpt and good articulation.

Figure ability: Mystical morphing cape
Accessories: Orb, Pin, Cape

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This figure is very cool with the clear light blue plastic that the watery arms are made out of. The figure has a base that he can stand in to give him a more 'watery' look. Hydro-man is actually very articulated, as he has ball joints in his legs. The large arms are heavy, so they usually won’t stay posed in any position other than down for long. The figure can squirt water out one of his hands or a small water gun he comes with.

Figure ability: Aquatic arsenel
Accessories: Water gun, Water pump, Pin, Water base

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