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Spider-Man Series 7 - 1996

This series was labeled as a "Special collector series" that offered a lot of variants of characters. It had a few Spider-men, though none of them were technically Peter Parker. Variants of these figures would show up after the original release.

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New Spider-Man

This Spider-man is when Ben Riley took over for Peter Parker. The outfit he wore was a bit different than the normal Spider-man. The figure uses the standard Spider-man body with a new paint job and new arms.

Figure ability: Venom conainment gear
Accessories: Gun, Rocketpack

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Spider-Man 2099

This is the Spider-man from the Spider-man 2099 comic series. This variant uses the standard Spider-Man body, but does have new arms with some spiked on the backside of them. He also comes with a cape that clips to his neck.

Figure ability: Spider assault weaponry
Accessories: Web cloak, Axe, Large gun

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Spider-Man 2099 (variant)

This figure is the same as the normal Spider-man 2099 only in a lighter color. The biggest difference is the color of the axe.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: Axe, Web cloak, Large gun

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This Spider-Woman is a repaint from the Iron Man series Spider-Woman.

Figure ability: Black widow assault gear
Accessories: Gun, Shield

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Stealth Venom

This is just a Series 4 Venom II with the Venom head from the Chameleon figure. Oddly, the head doesn't fit super well and there is a slight gap between the head and the body despite the fact the head was apparently originally meant for the original body in Series 4. Two versions exist of this figure - this semi clear one and a completely clear one.

Figure ability: Sneak attack symbiote
Accessories: Claws x2, Tendril

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Stealth Venom

This is the same figure as the normal release only clear.

Figure ability: Sneak attack symbiote
Accessories: Claws x2, Tendril

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Total Armor Rhino

This is just a repainted Series 3 Rhino with extra armor added on.

Figure ability: Anti-spider armor
Accessories: Armor bands x4, Hammer, Axe, Shoulder Armor x2, Armor

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