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Spider-Man Series 6 - 1996

This is another lineup of Spider-man figures with several Spider-man variations. It features a new Carnage as well as a Tombstone figure. This series had quite a few Spider-man variants.

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Carnage Unleashed

A second Carnage figure was a lot like the second Venom figure in that he could change to his alter ego and back. Unlike the Venom, the Carnage head is actually a rubber mask that fits over the head. He has detachable hands like the first series Carnage did and is a little more detailed than the old Carnage figure.

Figure ability: Symbiotic limbs
Accessories: Tendril, Pin, Mask, Symbiote axe, Symbiote claw

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A Spider-man variant who had been transformed into a Man-Spider. The figure is very detailed though and does have a good amount of articulation.

Figure ability: Immobilizing restraints
Accessories: Pin, Head restraint, Arm restraints x2

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Octo-Spider Spider-Man

A Spider-man who has the arms from Dr. Octopus. Like many other variants, this one used the standard Spider-Man body as well. This particular look originated in the miniseries Spider-Man: Funeral for an Ocotpus. It was also later used in the series finale of Spider-Man: The Animated Series, 'I Really, Really Hate Clones' as an alternate universe Spider-Man.

Figure ability: Poseable tentacles
Accessories: Octopus arm belt front, Pin, Octopus arm belt back

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One of the few villains in this series, this figure was actually very good. The figures only drawback is the arms stick out some due to the mechanism that makes him punch. The figure is very detailed though.

Figure ability: Double punch action
Accessories: Pin, Gloves x2, Gun

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Web Cannon Spider-Man

Another Spider-man with large web cannons one his arms. This figure uses the standard Spider-Man body.

Figure ability: Web cannons
Accessories: Pin, Web shots x2, Web cannon backpack

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