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Spider-Man Series 5 - 1995

Another good assortment of figures came in the fifth lineup. Still focusing on the animated series, a few new characters would be made. Carnage would be originally included in the lineup, but dropped to shorten the number of figures in the assortment.

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6 Armed Spider-Man

This is a six-armed version of Spider-man as he looked both in the comics and the animated series. He is pretty articulated for having six arms. When you squeeze his legs together, his arms will spin around.

Figure ability: 6 arm attack
Accessories: Web club, Pin, Web fist

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Battle damaged Spider-Man

A Spider-man who had his costume ripped up in battle as he looked a lot in the comics.

Figure ability: Mace, backback, pin
Accessories: Camera, Pin, Backpack, Camera arm

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Morbius' first figure would be a great figure that could switch back to human to vampire forms by squeezing his legs together. His face was a little flat to allow the faces to turn around, which made his face look a little odd. His coat was also molded from a soft plastic which looked very good.

Figure ability: Face morphing
Accessories: Bat, Pin

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Nick Fury

Even though Nick Fury wasn't really a Spider-Man character, he did get his first and only figure in this lineup. He did show up in the animated series, so that warrants a figure. The figure is very good and his gun can attach to the side of his boot for storage. He also comes with a rocket pack that can fire rockets.

Figure ability: Missile launching jet
Accessories: Rocketpack, Gun, Pin

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This is the best Punisher figure that was made in the 5 inch scale. The articulation is great and the figure sculpt is an exact likeness, and even has the angry look on his face. He comes with a lot of accessories, thought I expected more guns. I had trouble getting his knife into his boot though.

Figure ability: Immobilizing arsenal
Accessories: Projectile, Gun, Pin, Knife, Shoulder straps, Projectile, Headset

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Spider Sense Spider-man

This Spider-Man seems to be modeled after how his standard red/blue costume was sometimes colored in the comics when his spider sense was active.

Figure ability: Wall crawling action
Accessories: Pin, Rope, Web hook

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