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X-Men Series 5 - 1994

This was another decent assortment of figures. Most of the figures in this series were pretty big, like Beast and Random. There were also 2 two-packs of figures from this series released, a Robot Wolverine - Silver Samurai pack and a Fitzroy - Maverick pack with the Maverick from the 4th series included. Each set also contained a Steel Mutant, a small metal figure of Wolverine or Cyclops. I believe Maverick was intended to be released as a normal figure, because it looks like he was in the lineup, as there is a line between Morph and Beast. If you look real close you can still see Maverick's gun next to Beast's arm.

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Beast's first figure was an excellent representation of how he looked in the comics. This figure would be reissued several times. The flipping power in the figure didn't work very well though and neither did his suction cup accessory. However, this figure was one of the best selling figures in this series. The fact his flipping power didn't work well was overshadowed by the fact that the figure has a great sculpt and good articulation. He could have been a bit better if he was a bit darker blue but that's a small complaint.

Figure ability: Flipping mutant power
Accessories: Chain

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Trevor Fitzroy is a very lesser known character and an odd choice for a figure. Toybiz seemed to be having trouble finding good Bad guys to make figures out of since there were so many more good guys. This figure would be packaged with the Maverick from series 4 as well as a small metal Wolverine figure for a 2 pack. The figure itself is pretty well done though. It has good articulation and has a decent sculpt. The snap on armor sometimes fell off, but the figure looks really good with it on.

Figure ability: Crystalline armor
Accessories: Crystaline Armor parts x4

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A first for this toy line, this version of Morph only appeared in the animated X-men series on Fox. The closest he got to a comic counterpart was an Age of Apocalypse character named Morph, but he wasn't the same person. The figure itself is very articulated with all the standard points (knees, elbows, waist, legs, arms, head). The removable head ability would be used again on the Chameleon figure in the Spider-Man line later on.

Figure ability: Interchangeable heads
Accessories: Dark Morph head, Cyclops head, Wolverine Head, Morph Head

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Random is one of the best figures in this lineup due to its excellent sculpting. The figure is an exact likeness of X-Factor's Random. The only drawback is that there is no knee or elbow articulation. The missiles can be launched out of the middle gun via a spring. The top and bottom gun just holds the missiles.

Figure ability: Missile firing action
Accessories: Missles x3

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Robot Wolverine (Albert)

This Wolverine variant can actually be considered not a Wolverine. This character is actually a robot replica of Wolverine, who was called Albert in the comics. The arms came off when the legs were squeezed together. The figure itself is really well done and very detailed as well as is a bit taller than most figures.

Figure ability: Interchangeable arms
Accessories: Mechanical Arms x2, Human Arms x2

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Silver Samurai

A minor character, he appeared in the comics from time to time mostly in the Wolverine solo series but he got a figure. The figure itself is pretty good - very shiny. There is knee articulation but not in his upper legs, which I always thought was kind of odd since he can basically kneel or stand. I would have also like to see some more articulation in the elbows. The removable helmet is a nice touch though.

Figure ability: Metallic armor
Accessories: Sword, Helmet

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