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Spider-Man Series 4 - 1995

The fourth series offers another lineup of great figures. This series would give us a few new villains as well as the standard Spider-man variants.

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Black suit Spider-Man

Strangely of all the Spider-man variants there would be few black costumed ones. The main drawback to this figure would be the mechanisms in his chest to work his web climber action. The figure by itself is very good though. How the web climber works is a piece of his chest can be pulled out and then will wind back up pulling the figure to the piece of his chest that was pulled out.

Figure ability: Web climber
Accessories: Web, Pin

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Another great figure in the lineup, he would come with the heads of a few other figures so he could 'morph' into them. A Spider-man head would be included, as well as a Venom and J Jonah Jameson head. Interestingly, the head for J Jonah Jameson would be made a very long time before he would get a figure of his own. The Venom head is different than the one featured in this series, and was later reused for the 'Stealth Venom' figure in series 7. Ironically, the Venom heads seem to have been swapped sometime before the final release.

Figure ability: Head morphing
Accessories: Venom head, Spider-man head, Jameson head, Gun, Pin, Chameleon head, Helmet

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Even though he only got one figure in the whole series, this one was a great figure. It is very well articulated with the only problem being the hole in his back for the water pump to fit into. Like most figures in this line, he has a good amount of articulation. His cape is also removable.

Figure ability: Water squirting action
Accessories: Cape, Water pump, Pin

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This is the light green version that was released.

Figure ability: Water squirting action
Accessories: Cape, Pin, Water pump

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An old Spider-Man ally gets his first and only figure in this series. The figure itself is pretty cool though and has retractable hands that can grow to become longer claws. His cape is also removable.

Figure ability: Claw gripping action
Accessories: Spider rope, Cape, Pin

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The second Venom figure would be a lot bigger than the previous version and would also have a removable mask to switch between Venom and Eddie Brock. This is a very good figure with a lot of detail put into him. The body of this figure would be reused again for Venom figures.

Figure ability: Symbiotic Venom mask
Accessories: Venom head, Pin, Chest plate

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Web Glider Spider-Man

Another Spider-man variant who has wings made from webs. The articulation is good but virtually useless with the wings attached to his arms and legs.

Figure ability: Web glider
Accessories: Wings x2, Pin

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