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Spider-Man Series 3 - 1995

The third series would contain quite a few older Spider-man villains as well as one of the best Spider-man variants that would be made. This was a great series because it had a lot of villains in it, not just all Spider-Man variants.

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Green Goblin

For being one of Spider-man's biggest villains in the comics, he would not get a whole lot of figures in the line. This is a great figure though, so he didn't need as many. The grin on his face is very well done and he has decent articulation. He also comes with a glider and pumpkin bombs.

Figure ability: Pumpkin bomb attack
Accessories: Pumpkin bombs x2, Missile, Glider

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Multi-jointed Spider-Man

This is probably the best Spider-man variant that was produced. This figure set the standard for Spider-man variant articulation, as many after this would have more and more articulation. This figure is not as detailed as later versions, but it is still one of the best.

Figure ability: Super poseable
Accessories: Pin

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Rhino gets his first figure in this assortment, and it is decent. The head and face are not as good as they could be though. Later Rhino figures would be much better, even though this one would be re-released several times. Rhino features head ramming action, which make his head stick way out when the lever on his back is pressed in. It's very strange to see when his head is all the way out. Rhino was not released initially in the assortment due to production problems, and for a while was tough to find.

Figure ability: Head ramming action
Accessories: None

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Scorpion's first figure would be modeled after his more classic look. The figure has a lot of detail on it and a good sculpt with good articulation but his tail is a not very articulated, and makes posing it near impossible. But the likeness is a great.

Figure ability: Tail striking action
Accessories: None

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Shocker is another classic villain in this series and the only figure Shocker would get in this line. He figure can fire blasts from his arms due to a spring loading mechanism. Unfortunately, this limits articulation. A good figure though with a good sculpt and great coloring.

Figure ability: Shooting power blasts
Accessories: Projectiles x2

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Spider-Armor Spider-Man

An armored version of Spider-man would make his way into the lineup that appeared briefly in the early days of the comic. This figure has a lot of detail in it and is decently articulated as well. The firing shield spring limits his articulation in one of his arms though.

Figure ability: Super web shield
Accessories: Shield, Pin

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