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Spider-Man Series 2 - 1994

Spider-man's second series lineup would feature another good assortment of villains as well as the standard assortment of Spider-man variants. The choices for villains would be determined on the animated series and who was appearing in it at the time.

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Kingpin is one of the biggest figures made in the Spider-man series. He looks like his head is kind of small, but that is because his body is so big. Because of his size, he is not very well articulated. I think they could have done a little better on this figure.

Figure ability: Grab and smash action
Accessories: Cane

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Kraven would get his first and only figure in the second series. The figure looks great as it is a great likeness of the character. The arm is spring loaded to allow him to throw spears. The articulation and sculpt on this figure is good, just like most of the other figures in the line.

Figure ability: Spear throwning action
Accessories: Spear

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Lizard's first figure was not the best one made of him. Still, it would be a few years before they made a new Lizard figure. The figure comes with a plastic lab coat similar to the first Gambit figure. The head on the figure is not a very good likeness, as it is not quite as scary as he was usually drawn in the comics. The rest of the body is well done with a good amount of articulation.

Figure ability: Lashing tail
Accessories: Lab coat, Tail

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This is the variant version with the red shirt.

Figure ability: Lashing tail
Accessories: Lab coat, Tail

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Peter Parker

This is one of the few figures made of just Peter Parker. The figure is modeled after the animated series, just like the rest in this lineup, and it is very well done, as he is not too muscular looking like some other heroes do in normal clothes. He even comes with a camera.

Figure ability: Camera accessory
Accessories: Pin, Camera

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Spider Slayer

A very cool looking alien Spider-Slayer robot would make it into this assortment. This figure is one of the cooler looking ones in the lineup and would also be very well articulated.

Figure ability: Twin torso spider pinchers and snarling jaw
Accessories: Pin

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This is another Spider-man variant with a parachute on his back. He uses a standard Spider-Man body, which is very well done, but would be used over and over again.

Figure ability: Parachute action
Accessories: Pin, Parachute

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Vulture's first figure would be of how he appeared in the animated series. The figure is pretty good, but the head seemed a little big. The arms are attached to the wings, which limits articulation. The wings do spread when the legs are squeezed together.

Figure ability: Spreading wing action
Accessories: Gun

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