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Spider-Man Series 1 - 1994

The first few series of the Spider-man line would be modeled after how the characters appeared in the animated series. This also influenced which characters would make it into the lineup. This first Spider-man lineup would offer a very good selection of villains along with two Spider-mans. Spider-man variants would be prove to be plentiful during the line's production. The figures would come packaged on backs that would show each character on the front, which would change to a generic card in later lines.

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Carnage's first figure in the Spider-man line would be a great one. The figure features snap on weapon hands, which look very good when attached. The figure itself is decently articulated and has good coloring done on him. He is well articulated like most of the figures in this series.

Figure ability: Snap on weapon hands
Accessories: Symbiote piece, Symbiote axe, Symbiote claw

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Dr. Octopus

One of Spider-man's oldest and biggest villains shows up in the first line-up. The figure is very good, with the tentacles made of wire and soft plastic so they can be moved however you want. The figure has good articulation, as well as a good likeness to the animated version of the character.

Figure ability: Whipping tenticles
Accessories: None

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Hobgoblin has a great action feature in that the arm is spring loaded to put small pumpkin bombs in it and when you let go, the spring will cause him to throw them. The also has a glider that he can ride on top of, which makes the figure better. The face on this figure is not quite right, though the rest of the sculpt is pretty good.

Figure ability: Pumpkin bomb hurling
Accessories: Pumpkin bomb, Glider, Cape

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Smythe would get one figure in the line in his transformed version. The figure is very well sculpted with a good deal of articulation. His pants have a lot of scales sculpted into them, which is a nice touch. The ponytail can also be removed.

Figure ability: Double punch
Accessories: Ponytail

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The first Venom figure of the Spider-man series is a decent figure with a good sculpt. He is not as deformed as some later Venom figures would be. The top of his head will move up and down when his legs are squeezed together to look like he is 'chomping'.

Figure ability: Chomping jaws
Accessories: None

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Web Racer Spider-Man

This Spider-man variant can slide back and forth across a piece of string. Unfortunately the arms are not articulated because of this. The sculpt of the figure is pretty good though.

Figure ability: Web racing action
Accessories: Pin

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Web Shooter Spider-Man

This is the first Spiderman variant. He can shoot webs out from his wrists. While this figure is decently articulated, he would not be as articulated as later versions would be.

Figure ability: Web shooting action
Accessories: Pin

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