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X-Men 2099 Series 2 - 1996

The second assortment of X-Men 2099 figures would offer a bunch of new characters, but most of these characters were minor in the comics. The sculpts were good, but the choice of characters was not.

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Breakdown has an interesting action feature. Part of his upper torso can be removed to show the skin underneath. The piece that is removable actually looks good on, unlike some other figures with tear away parts. The sculpt is decent and he has good articulation as well.

Figure ability: Dominick sidekick
Accessories: Dominik sidekick, Chest pieces

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Halloween Jack

I always thought this character was just plain odd. The figure looks like he does in the comics though. This figure is nice because it is so poseable and the figure does have a decent sculpt to him. He comes with snap on werewolf parts to simulate his shape shifting.

Figure ability: Super posable action
Accessories: Wolf head, Snap on hands x2, Ponytail, Back cloth

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Junkpile is another good-looking figure in this series. He has good articulation like the rest of the series and comes with snap on armor that only goes on his legs and shoulders. He has a switch in the back that makes him fall apart when pressed. His legs and arms and head will all fall off.

Figure ability: Snap on armor
Accessories: Leg armor x2, Shoulder spikes x2

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La Lunatica

She would be the only female figure in the X-Men 2099 line. Her figure is very muscular and has some very big hair. There are two versions of this figure - one with a halter-top and one with a different top.

Figure ability: Futurstic jai lai
Accessories: Spike, Launcher

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La Lunatica

This is the other version of the same figure.

Figure ability: Futurstic jai lai
Accessories: Knife

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Shadow Dancer

Shadow Dancer is just a plain neat figure. The figure is very large and decently articulated. The jaws move up and down when he is wound up in the back. The detail put into this figure is also very well done. His head looks real small though since his body is so big.

Figure ability: Jaw choming action
Accessories: None

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