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X-Men 2099 Series 1 - 1996

The first series of X-Men 2099 would offer a variety of characters from the comics. Most of the figure sculpts used were pretty good and had a lot of brighter colors used on them. It's too bad the comics didn't last very long.

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This figure is also very detailed like many others in this series. His skin is covered with small bumps and his wings are cloth. The main parts of his wings that stick up out of his back do not move though. His pants are a nice shiny black which adds to the figure.

Figure ability: Quick draw weapon action
Accessories: Belt

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Brimstone Love

Brimstone Love is one of the bigger figures in the series and is also one of the better looking ones. His whole body is painted in a shiny blue, which looks pretty neat. He has decent articulation and a removable cape.

Figure ability: Back slash action
Accessories: Cape, Flame

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Controller 13

Controller 13 was a figure who was dropped from the first wave of X-Men 2099 and again in the second wave. He wouldn't be released in any way in any line.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: None

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Meanstreak is one of the more colorful figures in the lineup. He has a decent sculpt and a fair amount of articulation as well. There were also two versions released of this character: one in gold armor, and another in yellow.

Figure ability: High speed action
Accessories: Speed sled, Gun

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Metalhead is another of the bigger bulkier figures in this line. His body is not very articulated, but his sculpt is decent. I like the coloring they used on him with the silver that fades to gold. This version of Metalhead is after he got burned by acid in the comics and now looks like a lump of metal.

Figure ability: Heavy metal punch
Accessories: Gun pieces x2

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Skullfire is one of the best figures in this series. The figure sculpt is great and there is a decent amount of articulation. The colors used on this figure are very vibrant. His hands are also a clear green plastic and you can see the bones inside his hands, which is a very nice touch. I just like how the character looks personally. One comes with gold gauntlets and another in yellow, much like the Meanstreak figure.

Figure ability: Glowing energy skeleton
Accessories: Gauntlets x2, Flame

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