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Generation X Series 1 - 1996

The first Generation X series would give us quite a few characters, as well as a Jubilee figure, which had been absent from the X-Men line. Banshee was originally scheduled to be in this series, but was held back to the second series. All the figures in this line seem a little tall and are not all that well articulated. Still, it gives us a whole cast of characters who had been absent previously.

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Chamber's glowing action is done by pulling the cord in the back of the figure. The front 'energy' area on his chest will spark and glow for a second or two. The figure itself has a good sculpt but the hands are in an odd pose. The articulation isn't very good either, as he only has shoulder and leg movement. The jacket on the figure is actually a separate piece on the body, which makes the figure look better.

Figure ability: Glowing energy action
Accessories: Stand

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Emplate gives the Generation X line a villain, which really helps round out the line. The figure itself is pretty detailed and the coloring used on him makes him resemble his comic counterpart very well. He's not all that articulated, but neither are a lot of the figures in this line.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: Sidekick, Stand

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Jubilee finally gets her first figure in this lineup. She almost looks a little too big though, as she was a very small person in the comics. She comes sculpted in her yellow jacket though and does have a good face on her. The hands to me always seemed a little big though. She does come with a small fireball that she can throw by pulling her arm back and letting go and also comes with snap on roller blades that are a neat feature.

Figure ability: Shooting energy
Accessories: Roller blades x2, Fireball, Stand

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Penance is a decent figure with only one drawback - her arms and legs are very long. In the comics, she was not that big of a person, but this figure makes her look very big. Other than that drawback, it is a good figure. The detail on the sculpt is very good, with a good amount of detail on her bandages that wrap her body and her diamond-like skin. She also features a lever on her back to make her arms swipe up and down.

Figure ability: Swiping action
Accessories: Shackles x4, Stand

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Phalanx is a large figure with interesting figure ability. The heads that are on the belt of the Phalanx will move if the button in back is pressed to make them 'live'. The figure does have large feet, which does make him easier to stand up. The figure also does have quite a bit of detail on him, but his coloring is not all that great as he is mostly yellow and brown.

Figure ability: Living faces
Accessories: Stand, Arm cannon

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Skin is a very skinny figure with very long arms and legs and big hands and feet. This makes the figure look kind of goofy, but he did look like that in the comics. This figure is not all that detailed or articulated, and is a little taller than most other figures. The fingers on one hand will extend out a little bit with a lever on his hand. There are actually two variants of this figure, but the differences are in the backpack accessory, one being black and one being gold.

Figure ability: Extending skin hand
Accessories: Backpack, Headset, Stand

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