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X-Force Series 6 - 1995

This series is probably the best lineup of the whole series. A lot of good figures are included in this set with some very good sculpts. There were several larger figures like Blob, Caliban, and Nimrod, as well as X-Force's first and only female figure, Domino.

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Another Brotherhood figure, Blob would be the biggest. His main body is made from a softer plastic which would allow him to squeeze some. The only problem with this figure I found is that the head comes off sometimes, since the main body is softer and doesn't hold the head in that well. But, other than that a great figure.

Figure ability: Squeezable belly
Accessories: Meat chunk, Chicken leg

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Caliban is in his outfit before he joined X-Force. The figure is very well done, and it is one of the bigger figures released. The snarl action worked very well and the cloak fit him well also. The figure is very detailed and has decent articulation.

Figure ability: Snarl action
Accessories: Cloak

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Cyborg Cable

This is Cable in his current outfit at the time. While the figure is a great figure but I think the ability is kind of odd. The tear off face and skin is ok but it doesn't stay on too well which leaves the exposed metal. To make it so that the skin wasn't sticking out the metal parts underneath had to be made slightly smaller, and look a little odd without the skin on them due to thier size. The face has a crack in the middle of it when the skin is attached and he looks kind of odd with two flesh arms instead of a metal arm and a flesh arm. But it is still a good figure. If it had the arms and head from the Urban Assault Cable it would have been perfect in my opinion.

Figure ability: Tear off skin
Accessories: Skin pieces x2, Ammo belt, Gun

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Deadpool II

A new Deadpool replaces the skinner first version. This figure is kind of battle damaged as parts of his outfit are torn. The figure's mask can be removed as well as one of the hands, which can be changed with a normal gloved hand or a bare hand with no glove. The figure also has spots on his back to put the 2 swords, the knife can be put in the holder on his ankle and the gun can attach to the side of the leg. This is a great figure.

Figure ability: Removable mask and hand
Accessories: Gun, Knife, Mask, Sword, Hand, Sword

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X-Force's first female figure would be a good one. Domino looks exactly like she does in the comics.

Figure ability: Double quick draw action
Accessories: Guns x2, Missiles x2

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Nimrod was another classic villain who had a good figure and was in the comics from time to time. Nimrod is well articulated, and his missile firing action worked very well. Unfortunately, this isn't the classic version of Nimrod but his more recent incarnation from the X-Force comics.

Figure ability: Firing missiles
Accessories: Missiles x3

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Tyler Apocalypse (Genesis)

This figure is pretty good, although somewhat of a minor villian. He did appear in the comics quite a bit for a short while, until Wolverine killed him in Wolverine #100. The figure has a removable helmet and shoulder pads, but the helmet didn't seem to fit quite right with the shoulder pads on. The Spyne figure that it came with is also pretty good, although smaller than he was in the comics.

Figure ability: Removable mask and Spyne figure
Accessories: Mask, Shoudler pads, Spyne sidekick

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