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X-Men Series 4 - 1993

This X-Men assortment is very unique in that it is the only X-Men assortment that does not have any Wolverine variants of any sort. In his place, this series would offer a few new remakes of older figures in more current costumes, as well as several new characters. This series also had more figures planned initially, but several got dropped to lessen the number of figures per wave. Barrage (or Gauntlet as he was going to be called) was dropped in favor of Maverick, who also got dropped.

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I'm not really sure why they made this figure. Ahab was definitely the peg warmer of the bunch. Regardless, the figure is fairly detailed and is a good likeness of the character. Still, he could have benefited from articulation in the elbows though. Mine also has a problem with standing up due to the peg leg.

Figure ability: Shooting harpoon gun
Accessories: Harpoon Gun, Harpoons x3

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The Brood is another odd choice. The Brood had not been in comics in quite awhile. The figure itself is pretty good though and one of the bigger figures that were made. The figure is decently articulated as all the legs move and the head can turn. The tail can also be turned some.

Figure ability: Push button on back and wings flap and mouth opens
Accessories: None

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This figure is a new Cyclops in his current costume. This figure is more to scale with the newer figures as the old one is very small in comparison. This figure features the same light up visor as the first series one. This figure would not be improved upon for a long time as it will be reissued several times.

Figure ability: Light up visor
Accessories: Backpack, Gun

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Longshot was an odd choice for this series, as he wasn't in the X-Men comics for a while with the exception of 2 issues of the newer X-Men series. This figure is ok except the face does not look quite right. The knife throwing action works ok as it actually does throw the knife. This figure was the short packed figure in this set making him a bit harder to find.

Figure ability: Knife throwing action
Accessories: Belt, Knives x2

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Maverick was originally scheduled to be included in this line but got held back. It kept getting included with the next lineup then held back until a blue version was released in the Mutant Genesis line. The original version was released as a two pack with Fitzroy in series 5.

Figure ability: Quick draw action
Accessories: Gun

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Professor X

Professor X was a good choice for a figure and they did it very well. The figure is very well done and is a good likeness but the figure does not come out of the chair, like he sometimes did in the comics after temporarily regaining the use of his legs for brief periods of time. Until this series the only way to get this figure was in the Mutant Hall of Fame 10 figure set that was out at the time. Professor X comes with two guns that are stored in the side panels of his hoverchair.

Figure ability: Secret panels in armrests of chair
Accessories: Guns x2

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Another remake. This Sabretooth does look really good and is very close to the comic counterpart. The only complaint I have is lack of articulation. There is no articulation in the knees or elbows which make it kind of hard for him to stand up sometimes.

Figure ability: Push legs together and mouth opens and arms go back
Accessories: None

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