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X-Force Series 5 - 1994

This is the first X-Force series to be put on generic backer cards that just had a picture of cable on it, instead of the character's picture. The lineup for this series is pretty good, with some new villains who didn't have figures yet. This series would also include Mojo, who was released previously slightly after series 3.

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Another member of the Brotherhood, this figure would be a great figure as the other ones are. Avalanche's legs are very articulated, which allows him to be posed in a lot of positions. The figure comes with a platform that fires a piece of rock from the front of it.

Figure ability: Exploding rock platform
Accessories: Rock platform, Rock piece

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Black Tom

Black Tom Cassidy is a classic X-Men villain who changed his appearance slightly in the X-Force comics. The figure is pretty good, the only thing is that the projectile that he fires from his arm is attached by a string to his arm, so the string is always hanging there (I cut it off, as it was kind of annoying).

Figure ability: Powerful bio-blast
Accessories: Projectile

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This is actually an old X-Men villain, the Crimson Commando, who later just became Commando. The figure is very well done and is pretty well detailed.

Figure ability: Water squirting cannon
Accessories: Projectiles

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A newer villain to the X-Men universe, Exodus was Magneto's right hand man. The figure is very well done and is well detailed. The wing type things on his back can cape can be removed. Squeezing the wings close together make his arm move to throw the plasma ball.

Figure ability: Plasma burst
Accessories: Fireball, Wings x2, Cape

Mojo (rerelease)

Mojo was one of the bigger figures released. Although the figure is smaller than what size he was in the comics, it is still a decent figure. His snap on legs and claws came out a lot, and the sometimes didn't hold him up all that well. There was a button on the back to make his tail whip forward.

Figure ability: Tail whipping action
Accessories: None

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Urban Assault Cable

This cable is pretty good, as it is the outfit that he wore in the Phalanx Covenant in the comics. The gun he comes with can be attached to the brown shoulder pad, although it sticks out pretty far. The gun, once attached can be moved around the shoulder pad.

Figure ability: Shoulder cannon blaster
Accessories: Projectiles x2, Gun

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