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X-Force Series 4 - 1994

This series was alot like the second series of figures in that it really didn't have alot to offer. It did give us several new villians, most of which were fairly minor in the comics, and the obligitory Cable variant.

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Cable V

This Cable is the 'Deep Sea Cable'. The figure itself is pretty good, as most of the Cables are. I don't know how many times he was in this costume though.

Figure ability: Deep sea gear
Accessories: Flippers x2, Harpoon gun, Knife

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Another minor character got a figure in his series. The figure itself is pretty well done with a good amount of articulation.

Figure ability: Mutant hunting hovercraft
Accessories: Hover platform, Gun

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Another one shot character who got a figure in the X-Force line. Squeezing his legs together will make his arms move back and fourth, much like the Fang Wolverine from the X-Men line. The blades in his arms are also removable. Not a bad figure really.

Figure ability: Slashing action
Accessories: Arm blades x2

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Another minor villain in the comics. The figure he got wasn't too bad though. His arms can extend out by pushing a switch in his shoulder, much like the Super Skrull figure from the Fantastic Four line.

Figure ability: Extending arms
Accessories: None

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Warpath II

A new bulkier Warpath replaces the older skinnier one, this time in his newer outfit. This figure is probably the best one of this series, with great detail and articulation. He features the same turn his waist and his arm moves action that alot of other figures had at the time. I suppose he could have been a little taller though, but the figure is the same hieght as pretty much all the other ones.

Figure ability: Uppercut action
Accessories: None

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This figure is ok, even though the character only appeared in the comics a few times. The axe throwing action worked pretty well, and the figure has spots in the back to store the axes.

Figure ability: Axe throwing action
Accessories: Axes x2

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