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X-Force Series 3 - 1994

X-Force's third line would see a few new characters as well as a remake or two. This series was one of the better series in the line, as it included a nice assortment of characters (most were actual X-Force members). Someone was cut from this series, as you can see from the picture. If you look hard, you can see a line between Sunspot and Shatterstar and even a little bit of the cut figure's Accessories by Shatterstar's leg. I think it might be Mojo, since he was released slightly after the line came out, but before the next line came out. He was also included in the series 5 lineup.

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Cable IV

A 4th Cable appears in this line, this time sporting a rocket backpack. The figure itself is very well done like most of the Cable figures and features good articulation. There is a string on his rocket pack that when pulled he will slide up the string to simulate the rocket taking off. There are also some smaller rockets that attach to his feet. All of the rockets though do not seem to limit his movement at all which is nice.

Figure ability: Figure can slide up and down on a string
Accessories: Gun

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Mojo was one of the bigger figures released. Although the figure is smaller than what size he was in the comics it is still a decent figure. His snap on legs and claws came out a lot, and the sometimes didn't hold him up all that well. There was a button on the back to make his tail whip forward.

Figure ability: Tail whipping action
Accessories: Tail, Legs x6, Claws x2

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Pyro is one of the first Brotherhood figures to appear in the X-Force line. While many of the Brotherhood figures would not be seen in the X-Men line for some reason, the X-Force line would have quite a few of them. The fireball throwing action didn't work all that well as the fireballs wouldn't get thrown very far. The figure is a great figure though and a nice addition to the Brotherhood.

Figure ability: Fire throwing action
Accessories: Fireballs x2

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Quark was an interesting choice for a figure as he was not in the X-Force comics much. The figure is pretty good though.

Figure ability: Dual hand quick draw action
Accessories: Guns x2

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Richter is a new X-Force member to get a figure but the figure wasn't that great. The figure kind of looks like he has no neck. The vibration action feature is pretty good though.

Figure ability: Wind up vibration
Accessories: Gun

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Shatterstar II

A second Shatterstar was made to resemble his new costume in the comics. The figure has spots on his back to store his swords. This version is a little bulkier than the first series figure. There is a lever on his back to activate his slashing action. When you put the arms up, they will click into place, and the switch will release them slashing downwards.

Figure ability: Sword slashing action
Accessories: Sword, Double bladed sword

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One of the better figures in this line this accurately captures Sunspot's character. The articulation is very good as well and just is an all around great figure. He also features the twist the waist and puch mechanism that alot of other figures have.

Figure ability: Twist waist and he punches
Accessories: Gun

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