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X-Men Talking Series - 1991

This series is a series of slightly retooled sculpts from Series 1, but with an attachable backpack that says a series of phrases.

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Cyclops is also slightly retooled from his series 1 release. His backpack will say 'Optic Blast Fire!', 'Let's Go X-Men!', and 'ZAPT!' He did not come with his 'portable Cerebro unit' but a gun instead that was not included in the original figure.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: Talking Backpack, Gun

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Magneto is slightly retooled from his series 1 release, but his helmet is not removable. Also his cape was left out to make room for the backpack. His backpack will say 'You Shall Perish!', 'Mutants Must Rule!', and 'BZZT!'

Figure ability: None
Accessories: Junk piece, Talking Backpack

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This Wolverine is retooled from the series 1 one, but with a different head and arms that removed the 'action features' of the original. His talking backpack will say 'Take Your Best Shot!', 'I've Got Claws. I Can Use Them!', an 'SNIKT!'

Figure ability: None
Accessories: Talking Backpack, Samurai Sword

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