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X-Force Series 2 - 1993

Unlike the first series, this one didn't have whole lot to offer. A few new characters as well as a few remakes. The figures in this series were good, just some of the characters were minor. We also saw 2 more Cable variants which composed 1/3 of the series.

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Cable 2nd Edition

Cable variants would be very numerous in the X-Force line with this one being of him in space gear. The articulation is good with all the major points.

Figure ability: Deep space gear
Accessories: Helmet, Gun

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Cable 3rd Edition

This was one of the better Cable variants as this figure didn't have any odd costumes like a space suit or an underwater costume. The figure came with guns like most all the other Cables did as well as a headset that could be removed.

Figure ability: Rapid rocket firing action
Accessories: Headset, Missile launcher, Missiles x2, Ammo Belt, Gun

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Cannonball's only figure would have two variants - a normal purple version and a rarer pink version. The figure itself is well done. The launching action doesn't work real well as the figure just stands on the platform and when you push the button the figure flies up into the air. The launchpad actually can be used as a backpack as well as there are holes on the back of cannonball to connect the pegs on the launchpad to

Figure ability: Launching action
Accessories: Launchpad

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This is the same as the other version, but pink instead of purple. This was actually the first version, but was quickly replaced because Toybiz thought that pink was too feminine for a superhero.

Figure ability: Launching action
Accessories: Launchpad

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I always thought this was an odd choice for a figure, as he wasn't in the comics much. The figure itself is ok, but the face seems kind of small. There is a button on the back to make his arms move to perform the smashing hammer action. The action could be punching action if the hammers weren't in his hands. Due to the action feature, his arms are not very articulated.

Figure ability: Smashing hammers
Accessories: Hammers x2

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The second Kane figure is very well done. The only drawback is the spinning blade hand. The blade does rotate around, but it can't be removed, as it is molded to the hand. The gun that is in the other hand can be removed. The figure is very detailed and has a good amount of articulation in it.

Figure ability: Rotating blades
Accessories: Ammo belt, Gun

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A minor villain in the comics who only made an appearance or two. The figure is pretty detailed however.

Figure ability: Ponytail whipping action
Accessories: Skull, Ponytail, Skull

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