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X-Force Series 1 - 1992

The first X-Force series would feature a nice wide variety of characters from the comics. Though strangely alot of the 'good guys' that would be included were not members of X-Force. This series also included only one Cable and were made to the slightly smaller scale as the early X-Men and Marvel Superheroes lines were.

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This is the first Cable figure of many. This figure is pretty well done and is molded after how he first appeared in later issues of New Mutants and the beginning of X-Force. The figure is decently articulated but has some odd arm articulation as the metal arm can move out to the side but not up and down like normal figure's articulations. The figure comes with a large gun as Cable used many in the comics at the time.

Figure ability: Chop action
Accessories: Gun

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The first Deadpool figure was pretty scrawny by later standards, but it is still a good figure. The stabbing action means that the knife in his one hand is not removable. What the stabbing action does is the blade retracts into the hand when it is pressed against something, making it look like the knife is going into the thing being stabbed. He comes with two swords as well that can be stored in his back.

Figure ability: Thrusting sword action
Accessories: Swords x2

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A member of Stryfe's Mutant Liberation Front this would be the only figure of any members. The figure is ok with good articulation for having extra arms.

Figure ability: Muli-armed action
Accessories: Chain

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G.W. Bridge only happened to get one figure made of him. The figure itself is a good likeness of the character with good articulation. The head would be used on a handful of other figures in various lines.

Figure ability: Rapid fire gun
Accessories: Gun

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Gideon was a villain that appeared quite often in the early issues of X-Force. The figure is decent but small by later standards.

Figure ability: Sword slashing thrust
Accessories: Swords x2, Briefcase

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Kane was a character who was in many early issues of X-Force but seemed to appear less as the series went on. This figure is well done but a better one would be released soon.

Figure ability: Hands can be shot
Accessories: Gun

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The first Shatterstar figure was really good. It features Shatterstar in his original outfit with his swords. Turning his waist will move the arms up and down so that the swords are in a slashing motion.

Figure ability: Sword slashing action
Accessories: Swords x2

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Stryfe was a major villain in the comics for a short time. He only saw one figure though. This figure is pretty good and the flip up helmet is alright. They did use the same head as the first Cable figure though, since Stryfe is a clone of Cable.

Figure ability: Flip up helmet
Accessories: Mace, Cape

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The first Warpath in his original outfit was a lot skinnier than the second version would be. This figure is unique in that it can also double as a Thunderbird figure (Although Thunderbird had been dead in the comics a long time) that can be intergrated into the early X-Men figures As Warpath was near-identical to his brother, and because Warpath's original outfit was that of his brother's. The figure itself is smaller by later standards like many early Marver figures, and comes with a gun accessory that can also be attached to his shoulderpads.

Figure ability: Thunder punch action
Accessories: Gun

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